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Valued Customer Program

Join to earn Reward Points on all purchases

With our Valued Customer Program, you can earn Reward Points on every order and redeem them on your next purchase. Receive 10 Points for every dollar spent and redeem 100 Reward Points for $1 off.

How Does It Work?

Ways to Earn Reward Points

100 points for creating an Upton Tea Imports online account

10 points for every dollar spent at Upton Tea Imports

10 points for every dollar spent on Subscribe & Steep orders

10 points for leaving a review on your favorite teas

50 points for monthly shared posts on social media

500 points as a birthday gift on your special day

1500 points for referring new customers to Upton Tea Imports

Easily Redeem Reward Points

100 Rewards = $1 Off You can also customize how many Reward Points you'd like to use at checkout.

$10 off at checkout using 1,000 Reward Points

$20 off at checkout using 2,000 Reward Points

animated gif showing how to redeem points during checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

The Upton Tea Imports Valued Customer Program awards customers with Upton Rewards, which may be used to redeem for dollars off your order. The program is available to Customers who have an account at
It's easy to earn Upton Rewards in the following ways:
  • Create an account: Earn 100 Upton Rewards when you create an account at
  • Make a purchase: Earn 10 Upton Rewards for every $1 spent at *
  • Birthday Bonus: Receive 500 points on your birthday when you add the date in your Upton Rewards dashboard in My Account.
  • Refer-A-Friend: Refer Upton Tea Imports to your friends with your unique link and receive 1500 points when they make their first purchase with us.
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest: You will receive 50 points when you share us on these platforms, through your Upton Rewards dashboard, and a friend clicks on that share. Frequency for share is once a month.
* Upton Rewards earned by making a purchase remain in 'pending' status for 30 days after the purchase to allow for returns.
Once you have earned Upton Rewards, you may redeem for dollars off your order.
To access the Valued Customer Program, sign in or create an account. From the 'My Account' section, click on the Valued Customer tab on the left. In this section, you may select a tab to review your activity, learn how to earn Upton Rewards, and redeem Upton Rewards.
After signing in on, in the My Account section, click on the Valued Customer tab on the left. In the Upton Rewards box, click on the Earn Points tab. Click on the Birthday Bonus box and enter your birthday at least seven days prior. You will receive 500 points on your birthday.
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"There are some companies you buy from only once... and there are companies you develop a lifelong loyalty. Upton Tea Imports is one of the latter." - Cynthia

image of tea pots

"I love your teas, your warm service, your alacrity. I enjoy your teas so much that they are part of me, literally, and I'm grateful." - Gwynn

image of tea pots

"The Upton staff is highly professional and very knowledgeable about tea - flavors, brewing tips, specific crops, and much more … Upton has changed the face of American tea and greatly enriched my life with its diversity of the best of global tea." - Bruce

image of tea pots

"Thanks to Upton for handling great teas at very good prices, and for keeping me supplied with my favorite tea for the last 10 years! I am grateful to Upton Tea as a quality tea purveyor in this day and age when quality seems not to be as prevalent as it used to be." - Don

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"Upton Tea means that there is somebody on the other end of a commercial transaction that really does understand and who goes out of the way to help. Thank you all very much, dear Upton Tea team…" - JoAnn

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