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Testimonial Page

Here is what customers are saying about Upton Tea Imports!

“I just used the new website for the first time, and really appreciate how easy it is to use and to search for my favorite & new teas. I especially like the per cup pricing to help make comparisons…Thanks so much! Your continuing very happy customer”

~Julie H.

“Hi Upton Tea, Just wanted to send you a quick note to say that the new web site looks great. We just placed an order and enjoyed the process of browsing through the huge catalog of options. Much fun! Thanks for the hard work.”

~Brian H.

“Thank you so much! That is wonderful service and you can be sure we will continue to be very loyal and frequent customers as we have been for so many years.”

~Eric H.

“Your customer service is the best in the world…..would that customer service elsewhere were a tenth as superb as yours and we would be living in utopia! Thanks for all the years of superb products, unmatched assistance and still being there to sell me the stuff that helps me get through the days and months and years.”

~Don R.

“Just wanted to say thank you. Love your teas and the Upton Tea Quarterly! It is so much fun reading all the different descriptions and picking out a new tea to try.”

~Jamie E.

“I just wanted to say ‘well done’ on your new web site. I just placed my second order from it and actually had time to look around. The navigation is very intuitive and easy to use. All the photography is excellent. I really like having the pictures of the tea leaves on the product description page, very helpful. I just discovered the My Favorites feature too, it makes my tea life so much better. Great job!”

~Joe B.

“I first contacted Upton Tea via a small advertisement in the back of a magazine. That was 20 or 25 years ago. There was no real internet at the time. (At least, I did not have it.) I just wanted to write to say how much I have enjoyed your tea all these years.”

~Geoffrey S.

“I was introduced to Upton Tea Imports about three months ago, and . . . eureka, I have struck tea in my little Missouri town of 3,200 people! Thank you for offering such an abundance of wonderful loose teas in conjunction with a knowledgeable, friendly staff and quick, accurate order delivery. Who could ask for anything more? Not I!”

~Nancy Grace K.

“I love your teas, your warm service, your alacrity. I enjoy your teas so much, that they are part of me, literally, and I’m grateful.”

~Gwynn O.

“I love Upton Tea! My family and friends are hooked too. We love the wide selection of teas, great customer service, and the prompt shipping. Upton Tea is the best!”

~Debi B.
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