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Winter 2019 – Presenting our 30th Anniversary Article Contest Winners

“Lessons in Love, with Tea”

by Kendra Gaines

“Would you like a cup of tea?” asked John. We had just begun dating and were delighted to find that we were both dedicated tea drinkers. (read the full story on page 12 of our Winter catalog)

“Turning Over A New Leaf”

by John Tynan

Raised in the 1970s, the bud of Irish parents, I cannot recall a moment of my youth in which a pot of tea was not found in our kitchen. (read the full story on page 28 of our Winter catalog)

“Afternoon Tea: A Cup of Friendship, Memory, and Love”

By Cynthia Nivens

There are some companies you buy from only once, and there are companies for which you develop a lifelong loyalty. Upton Tea Imports is one of the latter. (read the full story on page 52 of our Winter catalog)

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