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Fall 2020 – A Time-Honored Tradition

The tea master kneels on the tatami mat, using a decorative cloth called a fukusa to clean each of the tools set out before them: a beautifully ornate natsume tea canister, a fine thin chashaku bamboo tea scoop, a hishaku water ladle. They are symbolically purifying them, one by one, to show care and consideration for each object as well as for the honored guests who kneel on the mat before them. (read the full article on page 50 of our Fall catalog)

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Darjeeling's Royal Flush - Wine Spectator

Upton’s tea procurer Nicole Patterson, 31,selects standout lots from hundreds of samples every year. Patterson developed a passion for tea while working at the now-closed Tealuxe in Harvard Square; five years ago, she transferred her expertise to Upton. She was planning to visit the Darjeeling district of India in March 2020 until the COVID-19 pandemic intervened, forcing her to cancel the trip. At press time, the country’s tea production was shut down due to the pandemic, meaning that first flush Darjeeling may be hard to come by for the foreseeable future. Click Here to read the rest of the article.

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