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Flavored Tea

44 Results
With rich fruits, fragrant spices, and soothing herbs to enhance the complex flavors of your favorite tea blends, our flavored teas are a treat for your tastebuds. Upton Tea Imports’ tea experts have thoughtfully collected the best flavored loose teas from around the world for you to add to your tea collection. We recommend that you sample a variety of loose leaf tea flavors to see which ingredients and aromas suit your personal preferences.

When choosing a flavored loose leaf tea, it is important to consider what you already love about the tasting notes of your favorite tea, and then choose a flavored loose leaf tea that enhances those preferences. For example, if you love the sweet undertones of a cup of Oolong tea, our buttery Honey Oolong may be just the tea to further delight your senses. If the earthy undertones in black tea make you crave cup after cup, our Pumpkin Spice Chai or New England Autumn Tea may be the perfect choice to take your enjoyment to new heights.
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