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South African Rooibos (Red Bush) Superior Organic

This organic Rooibos has an inviting aroma, with hints of vanilla and citrus. The smooth flavor has notes of spice and caramel. We recommend this tisane for drinking iced, as well as hot.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 8 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)
South African Rooibos (Red Bush) Superior Organic Reviews
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 8 reviews)

exceptional tea
Steven – ME – March 26, 2020

My family drinks this every night, we have for years. We LOVE this tea!

Try Iced and Spiced
Ginnie – MA – February 17, 2019

I brew this strong (allowing to cool on it's own in my brew pot for hours or over night) often with ginger or cocao bean shells (difficult to find commercially so brought back 10 kg from Mino, Ecuador). Store in a jug in refrigerator as a concentrate and serve over ice & water.

Worth writing about
Annmarie – CA – January 17, 2019

Don’t want to think about all the thin, uninteresting, non-organic rooibos I’ve consumed in the hope of upping my antioxidant intake, when all the while Upton’s was awaiting discovery. It’s actually a tisane I would drink because it tastes great, and not merely for its benefits. Beautiful , vibrant red color very inviting.

tim.o – WA – July 31, 2018

I challenge you to find a better rooibos at this price point elsewhere. None of the kudos given by earlier commenters is misplaced. Highly recommended.

Absolutely Wonderful Rooibos
Theodore – WA – February 20, 2018

This is a truly excellent Rooibos - one of the best I have had. Wonderfully warm and full-flavored without any of the sour or grassy taste that you sometimes get with cheap Rooibos.

great non caffeinated tea!
kaya – MA – December 26, 2017

Love this rooibos when I don't want caffein. Sweet without licorice after taste. Flavorful without sugar, but also great with lemon, ginger and honey especially when I have cold.

Very Real Rooibos
Vic – CO – November 10, 2017

This Rooibos is the best I’ve ever tasted! It has a fresh rich flavor that is wonderful! Another plus is a little goes a long way. Kudos to Upton Tea!

House Wine
Jan – TX – October 20, 2017

They say iced tea is the house wine of the South. Iced Rooibos is now this Texas girl's house wine. I never had anyone--family or guest--comment on how good my iced tea was until I started making it with Rooibos. The same refreshing quality with nary a hint of bitterness--and no caffeine to make it unwise to drink after mid-day.

South African Rooibos (Red Bush) Superior Organic Review