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Bright and flavorful, Nilgiri teas offer a clean and smooth flavor. Nestled among the mountains at the southern tip of India, the district of Nilgiri is situated at the ideal altitude for tea bushes. These flavorful teas are excellent with the addition of a little milk. Because of the unique geographical location of the Nilgiri district, there are two plucking seasons that fall in between the Indian monsoons.

Our loose leaf Nilgiri black teas are available in both conventional and organic varieties.

USDA Organic Nilgiri loose leaf organic black tea
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A whole-leaf Nilgiri with vibrant aromatics, a sweet cup, and a gentle, crisp bite. Smooth yet very flavorful with medium body. Enjoyable plain or with milk.

TN68 |
USDA Organic Nilgiri loose leaf organic black tea
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A rich tea with solid body and full mouth feel. A pleasing, balanced cup with a classic Nilgiri flavor and style.

TN64 |
Broken Orange Black Pekoe Tea Loose
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Located in southern India, Nilgiri produces teas similar to those of Ceylon, yet with a distinctive character. This British-style Nilgiri black tea produces a flavorful cup that is excellent with milk.

TN10 |
loose leaf Nilgiri black tea
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From the Chamraj Estate in the Nilgiri Mountains of southern India, this “Frost” tea is grown during the cold winter months, which imparts a unique character to the light amber cup. A sweet floral aroma introduces the silky smooth liquor, setting the stage for a pronounced sweetness that envelops notes of juicy tropical fruit. A long lingering finish completes a very satisfying tea experience.

TN25 |
Nilgiri loose leaf black tea
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An abundance of glossy golden tips complements the attractive, well-twisted leaves in this outstanding Nilgiri black tea selection. The ruby copper liquor has a toasty fragrance with hints of malt. Layers of rich honey, malt, and cocoa lend a delightful complexity to the toasty cup, which finishes with a hint of spice.

TN95 |
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