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Bright and flavorful, Nilgiri black tea offers a clean and smooth flavor. Nilgiri tea is grown on tea farms situated at the ideal altitude for tea bushes. These specialty tea farms are tucked into the mountains at the southern tip of India. The unique location of the Nilgiri district means that there are only two tea plucking seasons per year. These plucking seasons fall in between the famous Indian monsoons. The growing conditions in the Nilgiri region produce tea with fewer tannins than other Indian black teas. This is why Nilgiri tea is described as exceptionally smooth and less bitter than other black tea varieties.

We are proud to import this famously fragrant and well rounded variety of black tea. Nilgiri tea really shines with the addition of a little milk or milk substitute. Our loose leaf Nilgiri black teas are available in both conventional and organic varieties.
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