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Rote Grutze

Rote Grutze, or Red Groats, is a sweet fruit blend, originating in Denmark and northern Germany. This naturally flavored herbal is a delightful melange of grapes, elderberries, blueberries and hibiscus. A hint of sugar cookie sweetness complements the tart fruity flavor. This refreshing, caffeine-free beverage tastes great hot or iced.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 8 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)
hibiscus, grapes, elderberries, blueberries, natural flavor
Rote Grutze Reviews
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 11 reviews)

Excellent tea, if you share it you will need to replenish your supply fast!
J – NJ – March 27, 2020

I love this tea as someone who normally prefers dark caffeinated tea. The ingredients are considered health-promoting as well, and I have to say I haven't had a cold since last year, which is really unusual for me. I'm "exposed" as someone who works in healthcare. The only major "lifestyle change" I've made is frequently drinking this tea.

Great by itself or used to make a blend.
Matt – MI – March 09, 2020

We have an organic tea farm near by, and they have a wonderful but expensive tea called hummingbird nectar. This tastes nearly identical, for 1/4 the price! I love it by itself, but it's also a nice natural way to sweeten a strong or bitter tea. I just blended some this morning with a nice calm white tea to compliment the warm spring day outside.

surprisingly wonderful
Jody – MA – October 29, 2019

I got this on the strength of reviews here, and it has exceeded expectations. I love black tea but get easily overcaffeinated, so needed a pleasing alternative. This blend is terrifically tart-sweet, and has a complex flavor profile (which is often my biggest disappointment in herbal teas). Fruity and cozy--a winner! I'm ordering more!

Rich and flavorful tea
Gail – TX – October 26, 2019

My husband is truly in love with this tea.. It is so dark and rich looking, like red wine. He loves dipping his dark chocolate biscotti in the tea. Thank you for this amazing blend.

Very refreshing iced tea option!
Paul – CA – October 16, 2019

I usually brew this as sun tea then chill it, mix it with cherry juice and seltzer, and voila, you've got a completely delicious, low-sugar, no-caffeine beverage for a hot summer day. It's lovely warm as well, but I especially love it iced.

Great herbal tea for people who don’t like herbal
JT – NJ – October 08, 2019

This tea is deliciously rich and full, not too sweet, and just a bit tart. Reminds me of wine. It can easily be steeped 2x and still maintain the same flavor. I am usually not a fan of herbal tea of any type and prefer caffeinated varieties, but I really enjoy this. Hibiscus and elderberry has great health benefits, too.

Heavenly herbal tea!
Susan – MI – September 04, 2019

This has such a symphony of flavors! I wanted hibiscus tea for the health benefits but didn’t want to drink it straight always. This is heaven on earth if you like fruit flavors blackberry, elderberry, bold red color hot or cold brewed this is a winner for myself and husband (who by the way is a big coffee drinker) am very pleased.

Great iced!
Erin – CA – April 11, 2019

This is my favorite fruit tea to serve cold for summer. I usually brew it double strong to keep in the fridge and add ice and cold water to throughout the day. Also good with seltzer for a fizzy drink. A nice balance of sweet from the fruit and tart from the hibiscus.

Nice fruity tea
Vynthia – VA – April 03, 2019

This is a light fruity tea. It has good flavor and no bitterness. Still, it is lighter than the Naturally Flavored Cape Cod Cranberry Fruit tea which is more full bodied. This would be my second choice for a fruit tea.

Jello tea
Bena – CA – February 06, 2019

I love this tea, especially when I'm feeling under the weather. It's like the flavor of jello, but not sugary sweet. It always makes me feel better!

Wonderfully balanced fruit tea
Heather – TX – November 13, 2018

This is so nice and balanced. I tend to find fruit teas to be too tart. One cup is usually all I ever want. This one is perfectly balanced. The description they provide here is right on - just a hint of sugar cookie. I find myself drinking a few cups a night, often in favor of my long beloved rooibos vanilla.

Rote Grutze Review