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Peach Sky Black Tea

Fragrant notes of ripe peach scent this naturally flavored, premium black tea from China. This is the second of four special teas created to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Decorated with flower blossoms, the ebony-brown leaves produce a rich, full-bodied cup, the perfect balance of black tea flavor and sweet notes of juicy peach. Enjoy “a day at the peach” with this truly decadent treat. Great hot or iced.

This tea is comparable with our retired TE98: Huang Shan Sunset Tea.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 4 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)
loose leaf black tea, silver lime flowers, orange blossoms, rose petals, natural peach flavor
Peach Sky Black Tea Reviews
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 9 reviews)

Glorious Peach Perfection in a Cup
Chris – NE – June 18, 2020

I am simply in love with this fruity, aromatic gem. The base is a mild black tea, light in color, gentle in flavor, that lets the mouth-watering taste of peach shine through. It's like wearing your signature scent of perfume that took a lifetime to find. It simply glows. It really excels as an iced tea with a bit of sugar. Perfection

Kristen – VA – April 09, 2020

I used a pretty small amount of this in my tea ball infuser with a touch of honey and about 8 0z of water and nothing else. I usually use a nut milk and normally like a pretty strong tea. very subtle peach aroma and not super caffeinated. I’m not sure it will be strong enough for me as an iced tea but will definitely try it and see.

Smells Awesome
BB – MA – January 15, 2020

This tea smells awesome before steeping, but afterward it seemed to lack both tea and peach flavor and aroma. It might make a nice summer iced tea.

GReat Black tea
Dave – MN – October 28, 2019

My favorite tea is a Ginger Peach Black, which I haven't found in a long time. When I sw this one, I had to get it. It has such an amazing balance of fruitiness yet still tea flavor. I love it

VICKIE – OH – August 11, 2019

thank you to Upton for the free sample with my order - i love peach flavored oolong, which i did not see in your offerings, so hope this is just as good. it smells wonderful! will make it next.

Delightful Peach Tea
Christine – NE – July 29, 2019

Strong fruit flavor and aroma, true to real peaches -- and it's naturally flavored! Makes a brilliant iced tea, but also lovely as a hot tea. I am going to become a year-round fan after trying it as one of their 30th Anniversary blends. Easy to adjust without any fear of making it too strong, or of over-steeping. Fabulous peach tea.

Very good Iced Tea Blend
Ned – WI – July 16, 2019

Iced tea is my drink of choice. Usually I brew Upton’s Java BOP, but for summer I like a lightly flavored tea. Naturally Flavored Peach Sky Black is an excellent blend. I highly recommend.

Best Peach Iced Tea Ever!
Sara – CO – July 14, 2019

I love all kinds of iced tea but now this is my very favorite! It has a delicate, very true peach taste, with a little natural sweetness that makes it delicious. Also, I never have trouble with it turning bitter while brewing like other teas I've tried. They really outdid themselves on this one. It's more expensive but totally worth it.

This is a wonderful tea!
Lee – CA – July 04, 2019

I'm not usually a fan of black tea with fruit, but this tea is brilliant. We use it for iced tea. It makes a wonderful, crisp, natural flavored iced tea with a complex and delicate peach flavor. I haven't tried it as hot tea but as iced tea this is our new "go to." Perfect for summer, and anytime you want iced tea. Enjoy!

Peach Sky Black Tea Review