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What is congou tea? The name congou, usually traced to the Chinese "gongfu" (meaning "work"), refers to a finer-grade black tea that requires great skill to produce. This particular tea style consists of long, thin strips that must be harvested and processed without breaking the delicate tea leaves. Congou tea is medium-bodied with a rich, toasty character and complex flavor profile. Chinese congou teas are technically called "red teas" by Chinese tea experts, because, when these full leaf loose teas are steeped, the resulting cup is a beautiful coppery red color. The smooth, full-bodied flavor of these prized Chinese black teas may be enjoyed neat or with the addition of milk and sugar, if preferred.

A particular favorite tea among our customers and staff is our Rose Congou Tea. This loose leaf tea produces a lovely toasty cup of black tea with the subtle sweetness and scent of rose. If you hope to buy a unique congou black tea, sample our Yunnan Zi Juan Congou, a purple bud tea varietal that produces a smooth, sweet cup with a stone fruit aroma and jammy character that hints of red wine.
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