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River Shannon Breakfast Blend

A blend of Tippy GFBOP Assam teas for strength, plus a distinctive, bright Ceylon tea for briskness. This Orthodox Process Irish Breakfast style tea is very flavorful.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 3-4 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)
River Shannon Breakfast Blend Reviews
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 10 reviews)

Strong and eye opener
Paul – VA – August 04, 2019

I treat myself to this about ½ of X my morning ritual for a pot of full flavored blend. The Assam is predominate. It brews quickly and takes a second infusion well (I add a tiny bit for a 3rd infusion). I've been purchasing this blend since the 90's. The maltiness isn't overbearing but complex. I brew it stiff and pour over generous whole milk.

Great for Iced Tea
Neil – NC – May 12, 2019

This robust blend holds up well as a very flavorful iced tea

Makes You Feel Alive
Maria – CA – December 24, 2018

There’s something magical about this blend. It doesn’t just wake you up — it *perks* you up. I love how I feel after a couple of cups. It’s just wonderful, and a rich cuppa to boot.

Don’t tell the Scottish Breakfast Blend this, but…
A – NJ – December 15, 2018

This tea is (for me) even stronger than the Scottish blend. I can tell that there’s no Chinese black tea in this mix. Tannins are hard on my stomach, so I need to use extra sugar to drink it. That doesn’t, however, make this a bad tea. Quite the opposite, I love it.

Lovely everyday tea
Heather – CA – December 14, 2018

Another reviewer described this as being similar to Barry’s, but “stepped up to a sublime notch.” I bought this tea because of that review, and I am happy to say that the reviewer was correct. It makes a robust and pleasantly dry cup with a 4-minute steep. I tried it with sweetener and without, and it’s delicious both ways.

Like Barry's- but really really high quality leaves
Ellery – MA – May 17, 2018

I lived in Ireland and became a tea fanatic there drinking Barry's. This blend reminds me of that Barry's flavour, but stepped up into a sublime notch. Morning, or afternoon pick-me-up rainy day bliss!

Morning Eye-Opener
Chris – CA – March 09, 2018

A sturdy and flavorful breakfast tea that you could drink every day. We were looking for a breakfast tea with both complexity and 'muscle' to replace the discontinued Peets Irish Breakfast. This tea is smooth and not harsh, and will get your day going, with or without milk. Try River Shannon Breakfast Blend steeped for 3 minutes.

Happy Dance
Jess – ME – February 05, 2018

I personalize my labels and called this one Happy Dance. I was so right. One sip in and I knew this was a reorder. I steep for 3.5 minutes and add a splash of milk.

My favorite breakfast tea (so far!)
Ellen – FL – December 08, 2017

Strong, bright. I don’t use milk or sweetener.

Cream and honey delight
Di Anna – NV – December 02, 2017

I steep mine stronger than the average person, but the flavor just lingers longer that way. Tremendous flavor, cream and honey make my day😁with this tea flavor.

River Shannon Breakfast Blend Review