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The Great Teas of China by Roy Fong Review

Posted on 04/06/2023

How would you like to meet a real-life tea master? Have you ever thought about expanding your knowledge of China, the birthplace of tea, and its vast expanse of traditional tea varieties? Perhaps you have been ordering China tea for years and have no knowledge of where it comes from, or maybe you have never tried it and would like to know more. Add The Great Teas of China by Roy Fong to your next tea order to discover a new wealth of tea information and stories!

The Great Teas of ChinaAllow us to introduce you to Roy Fong, the original purveyor of Pu-Erh tea in the United States and a studied expert of China teas (though he will humbly deny that title himself). For over 30 years, he has been importing teas from China and Taiwan, and we have learned so much from him regarding tea origins and production.

The Great Teas of China delves into describing in detail several of the most popular, highly-sought-after teas from China and how they are processed. Along the way, Roy shares some of his favorite stories collected through years of global travel seeking artisan tea, travelling to origin and making lifelong tea friends in the process. Many of the teas included in this volume are offered in our catalog and on our website, perhaps even a few of your favorites! Steep a cup of your favorite China tea and join Roy on his tea journey.

Written by master tea merchant, Roy Fong, this classic guide, an educational book about the extraordinary tea world of China, has been revised and expanded to include new material, particularly around water, teaware, and the brewing process.
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