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Tippy Orthodox GFOP Assam

A whole-leaf Assam with golden tips (young leaf buds). Characteristic maltiness and complex flavor. This is our most popular Assam.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 5 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)
Tippy Orthodox GFOP Assam Reviews
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 5 reviews)

My Favorite
Jan – FL – March 05, 2020

I have tried many other Upton teas and enjoyed many of them, but this is my absolute favorite!

Not bad
James – ME – November 15, 2018

Malty, I guess. Don't know a lot about Assam tea. Rich, some tannin but not too much. Vibrant. Potent. Yum.

Delicious Morning Steep
Greg – NC – July 11, 2018

After finishing my first cup from the sample I got I found myself craving more. I picked it because "This is our most popular Assam." and I see why. It sports the great nose of a malty roasted elixir and the taste is thick with slight roast, malt, hints of chocolate and honey. I can see this as my default Assam tea. Delicious.

An Exceptional Tea
Stephen – CA – July 05, 2018

I switched from coffee to tea a while ago and have tried a lot of Upton's teas to substitute my morning cup of coffee and finally I've found it. This is the smoothest most flavorful Assam I've ever had. It's rich and full-bodied without any unpleasant lingering tastes.

My Favorite Morning, Noon, and Night Tea
Sandra – AR – March 08, 2018

I have been an Upton Tea customer for over 15 years, but have been a tea drinker for most of my adult life. One of my first experiences of switching from tea bags to loose-leaf tea was in trying Upton’s, “Tippy Orthodox GFOP Assam”. Since then, it has become my favorite tea and I enjoy a cup of this fine beverage morning, noon, and night.

Tippy Orthodox GFOP Assam Review