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Halmari Estate CTC BOP

5 star average rating
12 Reviews Write a Review
A bold CTC style tea with rich flavor. The dark liquor will readily take milk. Especially suited as a bracing morning tea.

Steeping Suggestions

Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 3 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)


Halmari Estate CTC BOP Reviews
5 star average rating
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 12 reviews)

  • "Heckuva deal"
  • 4 star rating
  • Barry – MN – April 10, 2020
  • A no-frills, malty, morning wake up call. A splash of milk manages the astringency. As one says in MN, a "heckuva deal." This is like a sonata (for something like double bass,) whereas the TA15 Assam Estate Blend BOP Organic, as a blend, is more like Beethoven's 5th Symphony in your mouth. Take your pick.
  • Wakes me up after lunch
  • 5 star rating
  • Sheila – OH – August 09, 2019
  • This is the tea I go to when I start to lose steam in the early afternoon. And it's wonderful with a mint leave from my herb garden!
  • Stalwart, weekday-morning companion
  • 5 star rating
  • Dan – IL – May 12, 2019
  • The right combination of maltiness and rich flavors that are only enhanced by milk. A dependable companion while navigating the morning news headlines.
  • Bold, rich taste, amazing color
  • 5 star rating
  • Bonnie – IL – March 07, 2019
  • Pouring my half and half into this robust tea, is one of the highlights of my day. As the cream swirls around the cup it turns the tea a lovely rich red color. My first, second and every sip thereafter makes me sigh with happiness. It's a bold, sturdy tea that gives me a firm foundation upon which to begin my day.
  • CTC
  • 5 star rating
  • Jim – OK – December 01, 2018
  • Love this tea, great malty flavor and a morning eye opener.
  • My go to afternoon cupa
  • 5 star rating
  • Reed – AZ – October 20, 2018
  • I've been drinking this tea for a couple of years now and it's my go-to afternoon cuppa for a nice pick-me-up. Brisk enough to take sugar and milk that perfectly accent its lovely notes of chocolate and molasses. Also a great iced tea with citrus. Best value for your money and highly recommend.
  • Nice CTC
  • 4 star rating
  • Stu – CO – August 03, 2018
  • This is a very clean Assam CTC with little to no tannins in the after taste. Just wish it was a tad maltier and I would give it 5 stars.
  • Best black tea ever
  • 5 star rating
  • kimberly – AZ – February 02, 2018
  • This is an amazing Assam: rich, dark, malty, and strong; I take it with quite a lot of milk. I've drunk tea all over the world, and the only tea I've ever had that was a wee bit better was at Dromoland Castle in Ireland. (If anyone knows what their Irish Breakfast tea consists of, I'd like Upton to carry it.)
  • Best black tea ever
  • 5 star rating
  • Per – CT – January 27, 2018
  • Great robust tea goes well with milk and constant quality for years
  • My everyday tea
  • 5 star rating
  • Sarah – MD – January 21, 2018
  • Like the other reviewers, this is my favorite morning tea. I've been ordering and drinking this one for many, many years, and it is consistently smooth and tasty. I like it with a little milk and sugar. Perfect morning tea.
  • My everyday wonderful tea
  • 5 star rating
  • Mimi – CA – October 23, 2017
  • I love this tea--I drink it every single morning. I even bring it with me when I travel. It is strong without any bitterness--just right for me.
  • Any tea from Halmari Estate
  • 5 star rating
  • John – TN – October 11, 2017
  • Been drinking Halmari CTC as an everyday tea since 2011. Always malty and pleasing! I've always bought it from Upton's because of the known quality and freshness.
Halmari Estate CTC BOP Review

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