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Teaware Types

Find the perfect piece of premium teaware to complement our exquisite teas at Upton Tea Imports.

Choose from sleek glass tea cups, gorgeous decorative tea mugs, classic ceramic and glass tea pots, convenient electric tea kettles, and more to complete your tea sets.

Constantly on the go? Our tea infuser tumblers and stainless steel tea infuser travel mugs are perfect for your busy lifestyle.

Tea Thermometer
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The Upton Tea Imports thermometer features a custom three-colored temperature dial, indicating the suggested temperature for steeping tea. The dial is divided into three ranges: Green Tea: 140-180 degrees Oolong Tea: 180-200 degrees Black Tea: up to 212 degrees At Upton Tea imports, we find it easiest to use an electric kettle to heat the water to the boiling point, then insert the stem of the thermometer into the kettle between the lid and rim, and monitor the temperature until it lowers to the desired level. Caution: Let the water cool slightly before removing the lid of a kettle and use extreme caution to avoid exposure to hot steam."

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200g Calibration Weight
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A 200g calibration weight, for use with our AR44: Digital Pocket Tea Scale.

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