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Tea Tins and Bags

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Storing your loose leaf tea correctly is an important step to ensure an exceptional tea experience. At Upton Tea Imports we have experimented with many tea tins and loose leaf tea storage options over our 30 years of tea expertise. Our favorite loose leaf tea canisters are displayed here. There are loose leaf tea containers in this collection to fit every pantry and budget. These beautiful and airtight tea tins for loose tea will add a special touch to your daily tea routine. Tea canisters also make thoughtful gifts for the tea enthusiasts in your life! To keep your favorite teas fresh for months, they are best kept in airtight loose leaf tea storage containers away from extreme temperatures and light. Our standard loose leaf tea tins are an excellent way to store your favorite teas and protect them for months. Some of our teas are available already packed in the small black tea tin, however, empty loose tea storage containers may be purchased as an accessory item as well.
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