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Tea Infusers and Filters

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To get the most out of every delicious cup of Upton Tea Import’s premium loose leaf tea it is essential that you have a proper loose leaf tea infuser. A good loose tea infuser or tea filter will allow you to steep your loose leaf tea to the perfect strength, while making it easy to separate the leaves from the water. Our loose leaf tea filters and infusers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, ensuring a perfect cup every time, no matter what size your favorite cup, mug, or teapot is. It is important that you use a tea infusion method that allows your loose tea leaves space to unfurl in the hot water, so that they can impart their full flavor into your tea.

You can choose from tea filter bags, tea infuser baskets, mesh tea infusers, and stainless steel loose leaf tea brewing baskets. Chatsford teapot replacement strainer baskets are also available.
Tea Infusers & Filters
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