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Tea Ceremony Supplies

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The Japanese tea ceremony, a revered cultural ritual, epitomizes beauty and serenity. Participating in this meditative ceremony fosters mental relaxation and calm. The preparation of matcha during the ceremony is a meticulous and graceful art, involving specialized matcha tea accessories that are integral to the experience.

These include a bamboo whisk (chasen) to create a pleasingly frothy texture, a tea bowl (chawan) in which the matcha is whisked, and a tea scoop (chashaku) for accurately measuring the matcha powder. The matcha tea ceremony supplies needed to artfully prepare the matcha are central to the ritual and should be carefully sourced.

Upton Tea Imports has collected matcha supplies from our favorite artisans here for your perusal. All of these matcha tea accessories are sure to elevate your daily tea rituals. Ceremonial grade matcha tea for your tea ceremony is available through Upton Tea Imports as well.

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