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This exciting selection includes loose leaf teas and teaware featured in the latest issue of our Upton Tea Quarterly as well as Seasonal Favorites.

loose leaf China white tea
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An impressive mélange of silver-sage buds and light olive-green leaves are showcased in this special lot of “White Peony” China white tea. The pale straw-gold liquor is redolent with pronounced honey notes and buttery floral hints, which spill over into the mouth-filling flavor. The silky smooth cup hints of melon, which lingers into the finish, complemented by a refreshing crispness reminiscent of dry white wine.

ZW102 |
loose leaf China black tea
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Downy golden tips have been carefully handcrafted into beautiful spiral shapes to create a unique leaf appearance in this special, limited production China black tea from Yunnan province. Notes of cocoa, Burgundy, dried stone fruit, malt and warming spice weave together in a rich mosaic of vibrant flavor. A dark sugar sweetness blooms and lingers in the smooth finish.

ZY99 |
USDA Organic organic loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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The well-crafted, dark brown leaves of this organic second flush Darjeeling selection yield a smooth, full-bodied cup with a rich fruity aroma. The dark amber liquor is rich with notes of muscatel and honey, enhanced by a dried fruit sweetness and fleeting suggestion of grape leaves. A crisp, clean finish completes an eminently satisfying tea experience.

TD181 |
USDA Organic loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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The Risheehat Estate is well known for crafting top-notch Darjeeling teas. This organic second flush offering is true to their reputation. The full-bodied liquor is sweet and fragrant with rich, fruity notes of muscatel and dried apricot, enhanced by toasty/biscuity hints. The finish lingers with a gentle sweetness and a crisp suggestion of dry red wine.

TD182 |
USDA Organic Matcha Gen-mai Cha loose leaf green tea
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This extraordinary grade of Matcha Gen-mai Cha is seldom seen outside of Japan. The components are of exceptional quality, and produce a harmonious, well-balanced infusion, which is eminently smooth. Toasted rice add a soothing, mellow quality to the complex vegetal flavor.

TJ28 |
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USDA Organic loose leaf Indian green tea
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This organic Darjeeling green tea is a great choice for those looking for a green tea with less vegetal flavor. The aroma is fresh and delicate with sweet melon hints. The pale golden cup is light and refreshing with hints of tropical fruit and flowers, supported by a silky smooth mouth feel. The finish is crisp and lingering.

TDG3 |
loose leaf China white tea
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“Ya Bao” is a special production Yunnan white tea made entirely from tender young buds hand plucked from ancient tea trees. An aroma that hints of spring flowers and wildflower honey introduces the pale jade liquor. The silky smooth cup has a unique flavor, with a fruity sweetness that complements hints of flowers and honey. Light evergreen nuances linger into the bright finish. A rare treat for novices and tea connoisseurs alike!

ZW103 |
USDA Organic organic loose leaf herbal blend
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This organic herbal offering is a delectable blend of ginger root, carrot, turmeric, roasted chicory and beetroot, sweetened with licorice root. Warming and zesty, this caffeine-free treat may be enjoyed at any time of day.

BH11 |
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loose leaf Ceylon black tea
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This rich Ceylon breakfast tea is a blend of black teas from Kandy, the tea growing region where James Taylor produced the first crop of Ceylon black tea back in the 1860s. The aroma is sweet and toasty with hints of raisin and citrus. The smooth, deep-amber cup is bright and lively with a full mouth feel and well-balanced flavor that hints of cocoa, citrus and a crisp evergreen nuance that lingers into the finish.

TB11 |
Golden Monkey Supreme
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The ultra-bold, carefully twisted leaves of this outstanding Yunnan province black tea are fragrant with the aroma of rich cocoa. This cocoa note is also prominent in the velvety smooth, full-bodied cup, heady with toasty, spicy hints. A dried fruit sweetness lingers in the finish, balanced by a dry hint of red wine.

ZY105 |
loose leaf China black tea
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A plethora of downy golden tips decorates long, twisted leaves in this superb China black tea selection from Yunnan province. The aroma is fragrant with the sharp, sweet scent of spiced cocoa. The velvety smooth cup is rich and chocolatey with an enduring dark molasses sweetness. The finish lingers with a warming kick. A great selection for a cold winter day.

ZY104 |
USDA Organic organic loose leaf chai herbal tea
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A wonderful blend of traditional Chai spices that may be enjoyed on its own or mixed with your favorite tea. Contains organic cinnamon pieces, organic ginger pieces, organic cardamom seeds, organic cloves and organic black pepper.

BH33 |
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