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Rooibos Tea

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South African redbush tea (popularly known as rooibos tea) is a delicious and naturally caffeine-free tisane. Rooibos tea is growing in popularity both in the US and the EU due to its purportedly high levels of antioxidants, naturally sweet character, nutty flavor notes, and its lack of caffeine. It is a remarkably refreshing choice for your next cup, night or day, hot or iced. The next time you are looking for rooibos loose leaf tea, Upton Tea Imports has curated a variety of pure rooibos and exotic blends for you to choose from. We proudly select authentic loose leaf rooibos tea grown only in a small area in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape province. Upton Tea Imports offers both conventional and organic rooibos tea varieties.
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