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Oolong Tea

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Oolong tea is revered worldwide for its smooth mouth feel, lingering finish, and complex aroma. Oolong teas have this unique flavor due to the way the tea leaves are prepared. In this process freshly picked tea leaves are laid out to oxidize in the sun before finishing their drying process in the shade. Oolong teas are then gently hand roasted on a wok over an open fire. The variety of wood or other fuel used in this roasting process greatly affects the flavor of the oolong tea leaves. This means there is a huge variety of Oolong tea flavors to experience. We proudly source the finest quality loose leaf oolong tea that is sure to delight all of your senses. Oolong (a.k.a. ""Wu-Long"" or ""Black Dragon"") teas are not fully oxidized, and this processing imparts a lighter body than black teas. Often characterized by their beautiful, large leaves, Oolong loose leaf teas are suitable for multiple infusions, and are ideal for the Gong Fu method of steeping tea. Stimulating flavor notes make Oolong teas a great
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