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Upton Tea Imports Chatsford Teapot (6-cup)
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After many requests from our customers, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest version of the Chatsford Teapot. This 6-cup (36 oz.) size is made exclusively for us in the USA by Hall China and the Homer Laughlin China Company. This food-service quality, fully-vitrified ceramic pot is designed to be durable and will provide many cups of enjoyment. A Chatsford Teapot provides a convenient way to prepare loose leaf tea quickly and easily. Fitted with a convenient tab for effortless removal, the ample polypropylene and mesh infuser basket allows full infusion of the leaves. A standard 6-cup red strainer basket (BPA free) is included with every teapot. A small "lip," located above the spout, is there to assist with the pour. Each teapot comes with a 30-day warranty. Please note that this teapot should never be placed directly on a heat source.

This teapot is available in white only.

AP36 |

loose leaf Nilgiri black tea
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From the Chamraj Estate in the Nilgiri Mountains of southern India, this “Frost” tea is grown during the cold winter months, which imparts a unique character to the light amber cup. A sweet floral aroma introduces the silky smooth liquor, setting the stage for a pronounced sweetness that envelops notes of juicy tropical fruit. A long lingering finish completes a very satisfying tea experience.

TN25 |

loose leaf Assam black tea
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A pronounced malty aroma, rich and inviting, introduces this robust 2019 Assam offering. The deep copper liquor exhibits a wonderful pairing of cocoa and malty notes, complemented by a full mouth feel and sweet, lingering finish.

TA113 |

loose leaf Assam black tea
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A smattering of downy golden tips complements the bold, well-twisted leaves of this 2019 Assam selection. A warm toasty aroma with a hint of caramel sweetness pairs well with the bright, lively character of the cup. A cocoa-like thickness fills the mouth, complementing hints of malt and a lingering suggestion of dry red wine.

TA112 |

ceramic tea mug
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Show off your passion for your favorite beverage with this sturdy 8-ounce ceramic mug. Thin block letters spell out T-E-A on the oatmeal-colored background. The handle is generously sized for a comfortable grip. Dimensions: 4 1/8” tall with a 3 ¼” rim and 2 ½” base. Made in China.

AM10 |

loose leaf Assam black tea
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This outstanding 2019 Assam offering is distinguished by its velvety smooth mouth feel and invigorating cup. Notes of malt and a suggestion of cocoa are wrapped in a caramel sweetness. Enjoy the dark amber liquor plain or add a dollop of milk for a creamy complement to the rich, lingering flavor.

TA111 |

loose leaf tea in tin
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Perfect for gift giving, we offer a great selection of our best-selling teas in our small (4-oz.) black plug-top tin. Personalize the tea tin label (in the Shopping Bag) to create a unique gift for the tea lover on your list!

Choose from: TE30T: Traditional Masala Chai, TSA6T: Colombian Breakfast Blend Organic, NT90T: Christmas Black Tea, NT57T: New England Harvest Blend and NF45T: Cape Cod Cranberry Fruit Tea, TB89T: South Street Breakfast Blend, TA40T: Tippy Orthodox GFOP Assam, TD60T: Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Premium Blend, NF60T: Rote Grutze and BA38T: Organic Vanilla Rooibos.

AM10S |
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loose leaf Assam black tea
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A lively aroma, bright and malty, introduces this 2019 broken-leaf Assam selection. The dark amber cup has a pronounced malty flavor, supported by a thick mouth feel and toffee-like sweetness. A dollop of milk enhances the rich, gutsy character and lingering finish of this fine offering.

TA110 |

loose leaf Assam black tea
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From its beautiful, tippy leaf style to its complex flavor profile, this 2019 Assam offering has many fine points to consider. The rich, full-bodied cup is fragrant with notes of malt and Burgundy. Hints of honey and cocoa may be enhanced by a splash of milk, however, this tea is also delicious when taken neat. Black cherry nuances create a pleasing astringency in the finish.

TA109 |

loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Delicate silver tips are sprinkled among the dark-olive leaves in this first flush Darjeeling blend. The light amber cup is fragrant with a sweet floral aroma. Classic floral notes bloom in the flavor, complemented by a silky smooth mouth feel. Light tropical fruit hints join a honey sweetness and linger long into finish.

TD111 |

loose leaf Korean green tea
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Grown on the volcanic island of Jeju in South Korea, this first flush green tea produces a sparkling yellow-jade liquor with a sweet vegetal aroma. Woojeon translates to “before the rains,” referring to its early spring harvest before the monsoon rains. A pronounced umami flavor is balanced by a lovely sweetness that lingers into the finish.

TR99 |

loose leaf Assam black tea
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A plentitude of golden tips adorns the large, well-twisted leaves of this 2019 Assam offering. The burnished copper cup has a warm toasty aroma with whispers of molasses and cocoa. A pronounced sweetness complements malty notes, balanced by a lively astringency and thick cocoa-like mouth feel. Add a splash of milk to enhance this tea’s dark, rich character.

TA107 |