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USDA Organic loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Harvested at the height of the 2019 second flush season, this organic broken-leaf Darjeeling produces a smooth, full-bodied cup. Hints of almond and dried cherry add complexity to the toasty aroma, which is complemented by a rich honey sweetness in the dark amber liquor. This robust selection is a great choice for adding a splash of milk.

TD125 |
loose leaf Assam black tea
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A smattering of downy golden tips complements the bold, well-twisted leaves of this 2019 Assam selection. A warm toasty aroma with a hint of caramel sweetness pairs well with the bright, lively character of the cup. A cocoa-like thickness fills the mouth, complementing hints of malt and a lingering suggestion of dry red wine.

TA112 |
Hattialli Estate TGFBOP Assam
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Hattialli is a popular estate among Assam tea afficionados, and each year we look forward to their offerings. The dark brown, golden-tipped leaves of this 2019 selection produce a velvety smooth cup with a warm toasty aroma. Hints of malt are present in both the aroma and the dark copper liquor, enhanced by a rich honey sweetness. Enjoy it plain or with a splash of milk.

TA106 |
loose leaf white tea
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The name Pai Mu Tan, or Bai Mu Dan, translates to “white peony,” referring to this white tea’s delicately beautiful leaf sets. Fragrant with a sweet toasty aroma, the amber-gold cup is velvety smooth with pronounced honey notes. The finish is clean with gentle hints of flowers.

ZW100 |
loose leaf Oolong tea
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Grown in Fujian province, this silky smooth Oolong has a pronounced toasty aroma and rich honey flavor. Notes of stone fruit and a syrupy mouth feel are joined by a light toastiness and hint of spice, which linger into the finish.

ZO99 |