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USDA Organic loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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A sprinkling of downy silver tips adorns the olive-green leaves of the very first harvest from the 2020 first flush season at Tindharia Estate. The sparkling amber-gold cup is fragrant with hints of fresh sweet corn. Upon first sip, an inviting effervescence awakens the palate. A buttery smooth mouth feel and tropical fruit sweetness embrace hints of flowers and corn silk, which linger into the finish. This organic selection provides an outstanding tea experience.

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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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The neat, finely particled leaves of this 2019 second flush Darjeeling selection yield a smooth, full-bodied cup with a warm toasty aroma. Pronounced notes of ripe stone fruit lend a sweet, rich quality to the dark amber liquor. A pleasant astringency lingers in the finish. The perfect tea to add a splash of milk, if desired.

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loose leaf Darjeeling green tea
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Located high in the Himalayas at an elevation of 5,000 feet, the Arya Estate has been producing premium teas for over 100 years. This green tea selection offers a fragrant vegetal aroma with hints of stone fruit. The amber-gold cup is smooth yet lively with pronounced notes of apricot complemented by a honey sweetness. The finish is crisp and lingering. A great choice for those looking for a green tea with less vegetal flavor.

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Upton Tea Imports Chatsford Teapot (6-cup)
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After many requests from our customers, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest version of the Chatsford Teapot. This 6-cup (36 oz.) size is made exclusively for us in the USA by Hall China and the Homer Laughlin China Company. This food-service quality, fully-vitrified ceramic pot is designed to be durable and will provide many cups of enjoyment. A Chatsford Teapot provides a convenient way to prepare loose leaf tea quickly and easily. Fitted with a convenient tab for effortless removal, the ample polypropylene and mesh infuser basket allows full infusion of the leaves. A standard 6-cup red strainer basket (BPA free) is included with every teapot. A small "lip," located above the spout, is there to assist with the pour. Each teapot comes with a 30-day warranty. Please note that this teapot should never be placed directly on a heat source.

This teapot is available in white only.

AP36 |
loose leaf white tea
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The name Pai Mu Tan, or Bai Mudan, translates to “white peony,” referring to this white tea’s delicately beautiful leaf sets. Fragrant with a sweet toasty aroma, the amber-gold cup is velvety smooth with pronounced honey notes. The finish is clean with gentle hints of flowers.

ZW100 |
loose leaf Oolong tea
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Grown in Fujian province, this silky smooth Oolong has a pronounced toasty aroma and rich honey flavor. Notes of stone fruit and a syrupy mouth feel are joined by a light toastiness and hint of spice, which linger into the finish.

ZO99 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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This 2019 second flush selection presents a rich aromatic cup, bursting with notes of muscatel and honey. Finishing with lingering hints of stone fruit, this outstanding tea has quickly become a staff favorite.

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tea cupping set
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Elevate your tea tasting to a professional level with this white porcelain cupping set. A bowl, 4 ½ ounce cup and lid are included in this 3-piece set. Manufactured in Germany.

loose leaf Assam black tea
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The golden-tipped leaves of this 2019 Assam offering are fragrant with a rich cocoa aroma, an inviting preview of the pronounced cocoa notes in the robust, eye-opening cup. A lively aspect wraps around a malty sweetness, which lingers into the crisp finish. Add a splash of milk to enhance the thick cocoa quality.

TA103 |
loose leaf Sikkim black tea
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Historically, Sikkim has produced teas in the style of Darjeeling, with some interesting flavor tones that make it unique. In this medium-bodied selection, leaves in shades of brown and dark olive produce a rich fruity cup with honey sweetness. The amber infusion has a nice balance of flavors, which include notes of dried fruit, tropical fruit and muscatel. The crisp finish lingers with a light toasty hint. An excellent alternative for those who enjoy Darjeeling teas.

TS66 |
loose leaf Nepal black tea
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Grown at an altitude of 4,200 feet, this second flush Nepal black tea offers a smooth sweet cup, steeped from premium, silver-tipped leaves. Hinting of almond, a warm toasty fragrance introduces the rich amber liquor. A lively mouth feel enhances notes of honey and dried fruit, which lead to a clean, brisk finish.

TM98 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Accented with downy silver tips, the bold, dark brown leaves of this 2019 second flush offering yield a rich, silky smooth cup. A warm toasty aroma and pronounced honey notes in the dark amber liquor make this a delightful tea for any time of day. A lingering finish whispers of dark grapes.

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