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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Harvested on February 8, 2023, this singular first flush Darjeeling is referred to as ‘Jethi Kupi,’ an auspicious title given to the earliest first flush harvests at the Rohini Estate. Beautiful silver-tipped leaves produce a light golden liquor that glows like morning sunshine. A sweet vegetal fragrance introduces delicate floral hints that bloom in both the aroma and the silky smooth cup. Notes of honeyed cornsilk and lingering nuances of tropical fruit add to the complexity of flavor. The finish is crisp with a fleeting whisper of spice. The perfect choice for your mindfulness practice.

TD216 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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One of the oldest tea gardens in Darjeeling district, the Upper division of the venerable Namring Estate consistently produces stellar offerings, year after year. This second flush selection is fragrant with a rich fruity bouquet, which invites you to take your first sip. The smooth, dark-amber cup exhibits pronounced muscatel notes, embraced by a honey sweetness that lingers into the crisp finish.

TD211 |
loose leaf Vietnamese Oolong tea
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A profusion of silver tips enhances the bold, handcrafted tea leaves of this unique Oolong tea selection from Vietnam. Fragrant notes of apricot, peach, and honey introduce the smooth, rich cup, which fills your mouth with its buttery mouth feel. An ambrosia-like sweetness lingers long into the finish.

TV44 |
loose leaf Vietnamese black tea
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Traditionally known as “red tea” in Vietnam, this unique loose leaf black tea selection is notable for pronounced peach notes in both the fragrant aroma and velvety smooth cup. The stone fruit character is complemented by a hint of vanilla and honey sweetness, which lingers into the finish.

TV33 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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A sweet fruity aroma, complemented by light floral hints, introduces this exceptional 2022 first flush Darjeeling. The shimmering amber-gold liquor is buttery smooth with a heady tropical quality that brings to mind a juicy pineapple. The polished finish lingers with a hint of honey and crisp white wine undertone. Savor this tea hot or iced.

TD207 |
loose leaf herbal tea
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4 tins (approx. 35g each) of teas from the following flavored tisanes/teas, depending upon seasonal availability: BH101: Apple Mint Valerian Herbal Blend, BH102: Cinnamon Apple Guarana Maté, BH104: Lemongrass Apple Rosemary Herbal Blend, BH46: Peppermint Organic, ZH102: Ginger Pu-Erh, or BH105: Chamomile Mint Herbal Blend. All selections are caffeine-free except for BH102 and ZH102, which contain caffeine.

Please note that Sampler Sets cannot be personalized.

Please note that the 4 teas in this sampler set will vary according to the season.

SW02 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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The bold, dark brown leaves of this 2022 second flush selection infuse a smooth, full-bodied liquor with classic muscatel flavor. A pronounced sweetness in the aroma complements a rich earthy quality reminiscent of a fall walk in the woods. Mouth-watering fruity notes and a sweet character make this exceptional Darjeeling a great choice for your next cup.

TD209 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Spread across the rolling hills of the Mirik area of Darjeeling, the Singbulli Estate is well known for crafting top-notch Darjeeling teas. This 2022 second flush offering is true to their reputation. The lively cup begins with a toasty/woody aroma, accentuated by hints of caramel. The dark amber liquor exhibits a rich fruity bouquet, complemented by an excellent pairing of muscatel sweetness and crisp citrus-like notes, which linger into the finish. Steep longer if a splash of milk is desired.

TD210 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Harvested at the height of the 2022 second flush season, the dark brown leaves of this exemplary offering yield a smooth, full-bodied cup with a complex character. Rich toasty notes are embraced by a dried fruit sweetness reminiscent of a ripe apple. Hints of warm mulling spices add to the depth of flavor, finishing with a pleasant dryness that lingers as in a fine red wine. Enjoy this delightful tea, neat or with a touch of milk, at any time of day.

TD208 |
USDA Organic loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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The complex aroma of this 2022 organic first flush offering reveals hints of honey and cornsilk layered with a fresh vegetal nuance reminiscent of a summer day in the garden. The golden amber cup is distinguished by its creamy smooth mouth feel, which pairs well with a bright floral flavor. A tropical fruit sweetness lingers in the crisp finish.

TD206 |
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