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Mangalam Estate First Flush Loose Leaf Assam Black Tea GBOP Clonal (2023 OR-011)
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The Mangalam Estate is popular among Assam tea aficionados and each year we look forward to their offerings. In this 2023 selection of first flush Assam tea, flecks of golden tips mix with neat, dark brown leaves, producing a lively cup with a full mouth feel. The rich, syrupy sweet aroma hints of malt, toast, and earth. An invigorating quality complements a strong malty character that strengthens as the loose leaf Assam black tea cools. A dry, bittersweet finish lingers like a fine red wine. May be enjoyed neat or with a splash of milk.

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loose leaf China yellow tea
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A rare tea of Hunan province, this yellow tea has been masterfully handcrafted into elegantly long, twisted leaves decorated by an abundance of downy golden tips. The intoxicating aroma is ripe with the fragrance of fresh fruit and nectar, enhanced by a sugary sweetness. Notes of melon, peach and sweet apple lend a rich honeyed character to the medium-bodied, amber-gold cup. The finish is bright and uplifting with hints of warming spice. An exceptional offering that has quickly become a staff favorite.

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loose leaf herbal tea
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Harvested from a perennial shrub (Ocimum tenuiflorum) native to India, this aromatic, caffeine-free tisane produces a rich, well-rounded cup with spicy notes of anise and clove. Hints of bittersweet cocoa linger in the minty clean finish.

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loose leaf Dooars black tea
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The Dooars region lies south of the Himalayan foothills of Darjeeling and north of the Brahmaputra River basin. This lovely 2023 offering exhibits a lively citrus-like mouth feel and inviting tropical fruit notes, reminiscent of pineapple. A pronounced stone fruit sweetness enhances notes of corn silk in the champagne-gold cup. The finish is silky smooth and clean.

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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Located near the border of Sikkim, the North Tukvar Estate has been producing superior teas since it was first planted in 1884. This outstanding 2023 first flush offering was plucked on March 11th at an elevation of 2,000 feet. An abundance of downy silver tips decorates bold leaves of variegated olive greens, which produce a rich golden amber cup with a sweet floral/fruity aroma. A smooth, round mouth feel supports a flavor profile bursting with notes of tropical fruit and melon. The finish lingers with a palate-awakening crispness reminiscent of biting into a red apple.

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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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The bold, meticulously crafted leaves of this 2023 first flush Darjeeling yield a lively cup with a rich, silky mouth feel. The candied floral aroma whispers of orange blossoms and a light herbaceous nuance. With notes of tropical fruit and flowers, the flavor profile epitomizes “springtime in a cup.” This exceptional offering finishes on a crisp citrus-like note, balanced with a lingering sweetness. A staff favorite.

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USDA Organic loose leaf China black tea
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A pronounced aroma and flavor of rich melted chocolate distinguishes this outstanding organic black tea selection from Yunnan province. A profusion of downy golden buds yields a dark amber cup with a rounded, velvety smooth mouth feel and caramel-like sweetness. The finish lingers with dark, bittersweet notes of malt and cherry, reminiscent of a Porter beer. A staff favorite.

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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Named after Queen Victoria, the Victoria’s Peak garden is a division of the renowned Steinthal Estate. In this 2023 first flush Darjeeling offering, premium tea leaves in rich tones of olive green are laced with silvery tips. A full, lively mouth feel enhances the sweet floral character, which is complemented by juicy notes of pineapple and tropical fruit. Nuances of corn silk and honey linger long into the crisp finish.

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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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First planted in 1852, the Puttabong Estate is notable as one of the first tea gardens in Darjeeling. With a sweet floral aroma reminiscent of a blooming spring meadow, this 2023 first flush selection invites you to take your first sip. Bold, dark-olive leaves, sprinkled with downy silver tips, produce a light amber-gold liquor that delights the palate with its fresh, buttery smoothness and classic, honeyed floral flavor. A smooth, clean finish completes a memorable tea experience.

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loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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In this 2023 first flush Darjeeling offering, flecks of spring green brighten bold, dark-olive leaves, redolent with a fresh herbaceous aroma. With its pronounced sweet floral fragrance and flavor, the golden amber cup invites that first sip. A buttery smooth mouth feel leads to a clean finish that lingers with a honey sweetness. A superb selection that creates a memorable tea moment.

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Rohini Estate First Flush Loose Leaf Darjeeling Tea Moonlight FTGFOP1 (2023 EX-3) Jethi Kupi
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Harvested on February 8, 2023, this singular first flush Darjeeling tea is referred to as ‘Jethi Kupi,’ an auspicious title given to the earliest first flush harvests at the Rohini Estate. Beautiful silver-tipped leaves produce a light golden liquor that glows like morning sunshine. A sweet vegetal fragrance introduces delicate floral hints that bloom in both the aroma and the silky smooth cup of loose leaf Darjeeling tea. Notes of honeyed cornsilk and lingering nuances of tropical fruit add to the complexity of flavor. The finish is crisp with a fleeting whisper of spice. The perfect choice for your mindfulness practice.

| $2.22/cup
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