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Lovers Leap Tea OP Ceylon
Out of Stock

Established in the late nineteenth century, the Lover’s Leap Estate perches among the clouds, at 6,000 feet, in the mountainous Nuwara Eliya district of Sri Lanka. This black tea selection offers a bright, citrusy aroma, complemented by warm biscuity nuances. The lively cup is a lovely balance of honey sweetness and high-grown briskness, with notes of dried fruit and a light toastiness. The finish lingers with a whisper of spice. Steep longer when adding a splash of milk.

| $0.38/cup
The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 3 Reviews
New England Tea Fall Loose Leaf Blend
Out of Stock

This smooth, full-bodied black tea is fragrant with pronounced cinnamon apple notes, complemented by hints of honey and clove. The velvety cup invites that first sip with its cinnamon forward mélange of rich, warming spices, which complements notes of sweet apple and a whisper of orange. The finish lingers on a crisp note. This tea blend is the perfect choice for cozy warmth on a brisk autumn day.

This is a comparable tea to our NT57: New England Harvest Blend, now discontinued.

| $0.39/cup
Chinese Loose Leaf Oolong Tea Fine Grade
Out of Stock

Very bold, handcrafted leaves produce a rich, full-bodied cup in this classic dark Oolong offering from Fujian province. The aroma is honey sweet and toasty with hints of oak and spice. The blonde-amber liquor has a velvety smooth mouth feel, which embraces layers of rich toastiness, crisp stone fruit, and cedar nuances. A mellow woodsy sweetness lingers in the finish. A great value for a premium Fine Grade Oolong.

| $0.39/cup
loose leaf scented black tea
Out of Stock

Quality China black (Congou) tea is scented with rose blossoms, creating a naturally aromatic, sweet cup with a very subtle hint of rose.

| $0.42/cup
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
Out of Stock

With its smooth satisfying flavor and great value, this second flush Darjeeling blend is the perfect choice for your everyday cup. The bold, dark brown leaves produce a dark amber liquor with a toasty aroma, fragrant with a dried fruit sweetness and woody spice hints. A silky mouth feel complements notes of honey and warming spices, joined by a deep rich toastiness, which lingers in the finish.

| $0.44/cup
Blueberry Tea Loose Leaf Fruit Tisanes
Out of Stock

A caffeine-free fruit blend containing hibiscus petals, rosehip peels, apple pieces, elderberries, orange peels, and natural blueberry flavoring. The aroma is fragrant with sweet berry notes and a hint of citrus. A crisp mouth feel invigorates the juicy berry flavor. Enjoy hot or over ice for a refreshing iced tea.

This Blueberry Fruit Blend is a comparable tisane to our BF44: Berry Fruit Blend, now discontinued.

| $0.51/cup
Premium Loose Leaf White Pai Mu Tan Tea
Out of Stock

Bold, handcrafted leaves produce a buttery smooth, golden-amber cup with pronounced honey and floral notes in both aroma and flavor, with an added hint of melon as complement. A whisper of lemon brings a refreshing aspect to the aroma as well as adding a counterpoint to a lingering sweetness in the finish. Enjoy it hot or over ice for a wonderful iced tea.

| $0.59/cup
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
Out of Stock

The Puttabong Estate has been producing premium teas since 1852. This spectacular 2023 second flush offering carries on that tradition with its rich, full-bodied cup redolent with notes of toasty caramelized sugar and warm baked goods, complemented by a lovely fragrance of oak cask essence. A jammy sweetness balances with notes of baked apple and an undertone of earthen spice in the lively, medium-amber liquor. A pleasant astringency lingers in the smooth, clean finish. A staff favorite.

| $0.69/cup
Hunan Tea Yellow Imperial
Out of Stock

A rare tea of Hunan province, this yellow tea has been masterfully handcrafted into elegantly long, twisted leaves decorated by an abundance of downy golden tips. The intoxicating aroma is ripe with the fragrance of fresh fruit and nectar, enhanced by a sugary sweetness. Notes of melon, peach and sweet apple lend a rich honeyed character to the medium-bodied, amber-gold cup. The finish is bright and uplifting with hints of warming spice. An exceptional offering that has quickly become a staff favorite. Small lot with limited availability.

| $0.82/cup
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 2 Reviews
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
Out of Stock

This 2023 second flush selection has an inviting fragrance with pronounced muscatel notes that are accentuated by a molasses sweetness and light vanilla hint. A velvety smooth mouth feel embraces a complex flavor profile with classic muscatel notes, a honey-sweet floral hint, and cedar/oak nuances. The finish lingers with a lively crispness and earthy hint.

| $0.87/cup
Hillton Estate First Flush Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea FTGFOP1 CL (2023 DJ-9)
Out of Stock

An herbaceous aroma is enhanced by a subtle floral perfume and sweet hints of brown sugar, which sets the stage for the rich, invigorating character of this 2023 first flush Darjeeling. A silky smooth mouth feel embraces notes of spring flowers and hints of tropical fruit in the light amber cup. In the finish, a crisp bittersweet note is balanced with lingering notes of honey. A tea lover’s tea!

| $0.91/cup
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
Out of Stock

From its bold, well-made leaf style to its rich, lively cup, this 2023 second flush offering, from one of our favorite estates, has many excellent points to consider. The aroma is fragrant with notes of muscatel and hints of black cherry. Layers of muscatel, apricot, honey, a biscuit-like toastiness and a whisper of mahogany weave together to create an immensely satisfying flavor. The smooth finish lingers with a dried fruit sweetness and white wine crispness.

| $0.96/cup
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New Arrivals
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