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Nepal Tea

Situated high in the Himalayas, Nepal has a climate similar to that of the Darjeeling region of India. As such, Nepal teas are often compared to the pricier Darjeeling teas. Nepal black teas are rich and inviting, with flavor profiles similar to Darjeeling teas - fragrant, flowery first flush and rich, muscatel second flush. Our Nepal teas were all grown in the rolling hills of the eastern lam district.

loose leaf Nepal black tea
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Silvery tips decorate the bold, dark brown leaves of this black tea offering from the Gorkha Estate of eastern Nepal. A toasty aroma, laced with stone fruit sweetness, may be found in the full-bodied cup. A buttery smooth mouth feel supports rich notes of ripe fruit and hints of spice. A quality reminiscent of a crisp apple lingers in the finish.

TM101 |
loose leaf Nepal black tea
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Located in the hills of eastern Nepal, the Jun Chiyabari (“Moon-lit Tea Garden”) Estate has been producing premium teas since 2001. In this outstanding 2020 first flush offering, silvery tips decorate ultra-bold, handcrafted leaves, yielding a vibrant golden cup fragrant with a fresh floral aroma. A buttery smooth mouth feel pairs with pronounced floral notes and a sugarcane sweetness. A lingering finish heightens a superlative tea experience.

TM102 |
loose leaf Nepal black tea
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Silver-gold tips adorn bold, dark brown leaves in this second flush Nepal black tea offering. The amber cup is smooth and rich with a toasty aroma hinting of fruit. A honey-sweet aspect blooms as the tea cools, complemented by a full mouth feel and hints of muscatel. Herbaceous nuances linger in the lively finish.

TM103 |
loose leaf Nepal black tea
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Grown at an altitude of 4,200 feet, this second flush Nepal black tea offers a smooth sweet cup, steeped from premium, silver-tipped leaves. Hinting of almond, a warm toasty fragrance introduces the rich amber liquor. A lively mouth feel enhances notes of honey and dried fruit, which lead to a clean, brisk finish.

TM98 |
loose leaf Nepal black tea
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Bold, well-formed leaves, complemented by downy golden tips, yield a silky smooth cup with a pronounced sweet character. Hints of dried fruit and a lingering effervescence in the finish round out the profile. A great black tea choice for any time of day.

TM100 |
loose leaf Nepal black tea
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This premium blend of Himalayan black teas produces a ruby-copper cup with rich muscatel notes that are prominent in both the aroma and flavor. Notes of stone fruit add to the fruity profile, complementing the full mouth feel. The lingering finish is crisp and refreshing.

TMB1 |
Nepal loose leaf white tea
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A profusion of downy silver tips adorns the bold, dark olive leaves of this special white tea offering from Nepal. The pale amber-gold cup is rich and silky smooth with a light floral fragrance. Apricot hints and sweet hay nuances join an overall sweetness that lingers long into the finish.

TM90 |
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