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Japanese Tea

Tea has been a vital part of Japan's heritage and culture for hundreds of years. The Japanese tea ceremony - which celebrates green matcha tea - is one of the most elaborate and sacred tea ceremonies in the world. Today, Japan is known around the globe for its clean, light green tea. Japan also produces high quality black teas and flavored teas.

Choose from a wide variety of premium loose leaf Japanese teas such as Matcha, Sencha, Gabalong, and Gyokuro in organic and comventional varieties. Japanese tea samplers and full ceremony sets also available.

USDA Organic powdered loose leaf green tea
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Ho-ji Cha is a roasted Japanese green tea. In this organic Ho-ji Cha offering, the tea leaves have been ground into a fine powder, similar to Matcha tea. This produces a thick, rich liquor with a full, cocoa-like mouth feel. Toasty notes lend a warming quality to the flavorful cup. For optimal enjoyment, we recommend sifting the powder before whisking. Packed in a small, matte silver tin.

Please note that the tin label cannot be personalized.

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