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Japanese Tea

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Japanese tea has been a vital part of Japan's heritage and culture for hundreds of years. With its meticulous preparation and serving of powdered green Matcha tea, the Japanese tea ceremony is one of the most elaborate and sacred tea ceremonies in the world. Today, Japan is well known around the globe for its clean, refreshing green tea. Japan’s tea expertise also extends to producing special lots of unique, high-quality black teas.

The experts at Upton Tea Imports have built relationships with the best tea producers in Japan so we may offer a wide variety of premium Japanese loose leaf teas for our Valued Customers to enjoy. We proudly supply the best tea from Japan such as Sencha, Matcha, Gyokuro, Gen-mai Cha, Kuki Cha, and Ho-ji Cha, at very competitive prices. Whether you are searching for organic Japanese tea or conventional Japanese tea varieties, you will find something here to suit your palate and your budget. Our Japanese Tea Sampler and Complete Competition Grade Matcha Gift Set are also available to purchase, and make excellent gifts for the tea enthusiasts in your life.
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