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Colombian Tea

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Colombian tea is a hidden gem in the world of tea, grown in a region that has only recently become associated with tea production. This unique origin provides several benefits that make Colombian teas stand out from the rest. Colombian teas are cultivated at over 6,000 feet above sea level in the beautiful Andes Mountains. The high altitude production makes the loose leaf teas grown there rich and smooth with unique cocoa notes.

The Andes Mountain region is also known for its volcanic soil. The tea plants are grown in this volcanic soil, rich in minerals, and nourished by pure mountain streams, which produce high-quality teas with a robust character, the perfect choice for a flavorful breakfast tea. With its notes of sweet milk chocolate and malt, our Organic Colombian Breakfast Blend tea is a staff favorite. With the exception of our cacao-flavored black tea, all of our loose leaf Colombian black, green, and Oolong teas are organic. Sample these outstanding selections and enjoy experiencing the variety of teas from this exciting new tea growing region.
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