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New Ratings and Reviews

Share Your Thoughts With Other Valued Customers!

Upton Tea Imports was established in 1989 with the goal of providing North America with the type of service typically found only in Europe. Since our inception, we have earned the highest levels of recognition and respect from knowledgeable tea lovers across the continent. Independent online reviews continually sing the highest praises for the uncompromising quality of both our teas and service.

Thanks largely in part to the support of you, our Valued Customers, fellow tea connoisseurs have been able to enjoy the fine tea that Upton Tea Imports sources from around the globe. Now, we have made it even easier to share your thoughts with other Valued Customers, and to see what others think of your favorites - as well as those you have yet to discover!

With our new ratings and reviews platform, you can more easily upload your feedback on every tea or accessory you enjoy - as well as add images and video if you are so inclined! In love with the color your First Flush Darjeeling creates in your cup? Enchanted by the flavor of Yunnan Black Snail? Did your Chatsford teapot complete your tea shelf? Let us know! The community we have built on these humble leaves needs your input. Your thoughts may help another Valued Customer find their new favorite!

Be on the lookout for more exciting features coming soon to the ratings and reviews program in the near future as well!

From everyone at Upton Tea Imports, we raise our cups to you and eagerly await your comments.

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