Seajuli Estate STGFOP1 Assam

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A smattering of downy golden tips complements the bold, well-twisted leaves of this 2019 Assam selection. A warm toasty aroma with a hint of caramel sweetness pairs well with the bright, lively character of the cup. A cocoa-like thickness fills the mouth, complementing hints of malt and a lingering suggestion of dry red wine.

Steeping Suggestions

Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup Steep Time: 5 min. Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)


Seajuli Estate STGFOP1 Assam Reviews
5 star average rating
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 5 reviews)

  • Has become my go-to Assam
  • 5 star rating
  • Victoria – OR – January 29, 2021
  • I love this tea. It is a great morning tea for me. I don't know all the terminology, but I think what one of the other reviewers said about it not being as strong/malty as some Assams and having a bit of fruitiness is accurate. It can be strong while retaining some delicacy (maybe it's the golden tips) -- a very nice tea at a good price.
  • Sweet, fruity, but not strong
  • 4 star rating
  • Adam – NC – July 08, 2020
  • There is a dried fruit kind of tone to this tea. It is not one of those Assam teas that is dominated by its maltiness. Certainly, it holds up against milk, but it's not rocket fuel if that is what you are looking for in an Assam.
  • Very Good!
  • 5 star rating
  • Charles – VA – June 30, 2020
  • I am pleased to be enjoying this Assam. It has all the trademarks of the classic tippy gold leaf brewed to a nice rich malty sweetness with the deep copper-orange color. No astringency. I agree with the previous review, a bargain compared to higher priced teas. Steeping time from 3-4 minutes @ 200. Top 10% of 50 Assams tried.
  • Warm, thick and smooth
  • 5 star rating
  • Alice – CA – March 25, 2020
  • I certainly agree with the thick mouth feel description. Flavor is warm, rich and smooth, not at all astringent. Chocolate notes with the addition of milk. Rich, smooth and balanced all the way through.
  • A Superior Assam
  • 4 star rating
  • Peter – CT – February 17, 2020
  • Better than some higher priced offerings. Golden tips contribute some woodiness, but it's a pleasant backdrop to the flavors of malt and nuttiness, without becoming overpowering. Just subtle enough to be slightly complex. Worth trying.
Seajuli Estate STGFOP1 Assam Review

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