Upton Tea Imports Chatsford Teapot (6-cup)

After many requests from our customers, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest version of the Chatsford Teapot. This 6-cup (36 oz.) size is made exclusively for us in the USA by Hall China and the Homer Laughlin China Company. This food-service quality, fully-vitrified ceramic pot is designed to be durable and will provide many cups of enjoyment. A Chatsford Teapot provides a convenient way to prepare loose leaf tea quickly and easily. Fitted with a convenient tab for effortless removal, the ample polypropylene and mesh infuser basket allows full infusion of the leaves. A standard 6-cup red strainer basket (BPA free) is included with every teapot. A small "lip," located above the spout, is there to assist with the pour. Each teapot comes with a 30-day warranty. Please note that this teapot should never be placed directly on a heat source.

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we have introduced a special, limited edition of the Upton Tea Imports Chatsford Teapot (6-cup), AP36A, with our anniversary logo printed on the bottom. Supplies of this special teapot are very limited.

A complimentary sample of our NEW South Street Breakfast Blend will be included with each teapot purchase. Enjoy your first pot of tea, on us!

This teapot is available in white only.
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Upton Tea Imports Chatsford Teapot (6-cup) Review