China Keemun First Grade

5 star average rating
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With its rich flavor profile and smooth mouth feel, this standard grade Keemun represents a great value for a China black tea. Hints of wine and a suggestion of smoke round out the earthy, full-bodied cup.

Steeping Suggestions

Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 3-5 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)
China Keemun First Grade Reviews
5 star average rating
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 8 reviews)

  • There is No Better
  • 5 star rating
  • Steven – MA – February 22, 2021
  • I have tried so many other teas from Upton, but nothing comes close to China Keemun, First Grade. The more expensive Keemun varieties are, perhaps, too flavorful? I need a subtler taste. This is it. It's a little different each batch, each brew, each sip, really. There is the "liquor" of the brew, the sweetness, the delicate smoke, the earthiness.
  • Received as a sample. Slightly different flavor profile brewed around 170°F
  • 5 star rating
  • Lisa – CA – December 09, 2020
  • The description lists wine & smoke as rounding out the flavor. I brewed it as 5g in 310g water, 4 mins at about 160-170°F, and found more of a roast chestnut or maple under-tone to the flavor. Just for those who aren't sure about this tea--it may be worth playing with the brewing conditions to achieve different effects. Agree is rich & smooth.
  • bedtime story
  • 5 star rating
  • Mac – WI – October 19, 2020
  • This tea does indeed have a suggestion of earthiness and is quite smooth. It suggests many flavors without presenting any of them. Without sounding negative, I would rate it as an excellent 'bland'. It would be a superb base for flavored teas like orange spice or chai. Alone, it is more of a background lullaby.
  • Favorite Keemun of any grade or price
  • 5 star rating
  • John – AZ – June 02, 2019
  • One of my favorite teas was an Asian brand of "Imperial Keemun" sold only in small quantities. I was lucky to find this one and shouted Eureka! It has a flowery sweetness and is very tolerant of steeping time. It's almost impossible to overview. I just five minutes as my minimum!
  • My go-to
  • 5 star rating
  • Justin – NJ – May 23, 2019
  • This is my go-to cup of red tea. Nice and woodsy, not too bitter if it's treated right, and just floral enough to feel nice without making me feel like I have to really sit down and appreciate it slowly.
  • Best breakfast tea
  • 5 star rating
  • Julie – OR – October 31, 2018
  • This is my favorite breakfast tea, hands down. I prefer China small leaf teas to Assam varieties, with a green or oolong or a Darjeeling in the afternoon and something darker in the morning. This tea has a rich flavor, with a hint of smokiness, yet is still light and pleasantly astringent. I like it better than the more expensive Keemun series.
  • My go to for iced tea. Love it!
  • 5 star rating
  • Craig – NH – September 15, 2018
  • I buy this wonderful tea in bulk and use it primarily for iced tea. I brew and go through about three pots a week. I'm a teacher and take a large insulated 25 oz S'Well bottle of it to school each day. It's mild, refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable hot or over ice. The price also makes it a great value.
  • My Favorite Tea
  • 5 star rating
  • Thaddeus – TN – August 09, 2018
  • I've been drinking this tea for several years, and I buy it in bulk now. I drink it any time of day, but it is great first thing in the morning, with its smooth, strong flavor. I taste a hint of chocolate, with very slight smokiness. For the price Upton charges, it is a great value.
China Keemun First Grade Review

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