White Monkey Pekoe

This classic Fujian specialty is handcrafted from first leaf and bud sets, which yield a pale golden liquor with a toasty aroma. The silky smooth cup is light and herbaceous with a buttery mouth feel and pear-like sweetness. A very refreshing cup. Supplies are limited.

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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 3 min.
Water Temperature: 180 degrees
White Monkey Pekoe Reviews
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 1 reviews)

G P Iyer – NY – May 06, 2018

This is a good tea. Steeping it for 4 minutes brings out a well rounded flavor and tastes smooth with a nice after-taste. Slight flowery smell in a good way.

White Monkey Pekoe Review