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Milk Oolong

From Fujian province, this unique Oolong is composed of loosely rolled leaves with a rich buttery fragrance. The sparkling pale yellow cup has a silky smooth mouth feel with a round, complex flavor profile. A tropical fruit sweetness complements notes of coconut cream and a light floral suggestion. This tea is a perfect choice for multiple infusions.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 3 min.
Water Temperature: 190 degrees

Milk Oolong Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (based on 10 reviews)

As good as any Milk Oolong I have tried
Gina – VT – December 09, 2018

My favorite tea right now. I brew the leaves four times, the last two for decaf, which makes it economical as well as flavorful. It is good with or without milk, honey enhances its flavor. It is amazing when steeped in maple sap. I sense peach although others say pineapple.

This is a pretty good Milk Oolong
Vito – CA – December 02, 2018

The vendor who sold me the best Milk Oolong retired; I still haven't found one as good as that, but this one comes closest. All the others I've tried are too vegetal, or they're flavored with milk or some other junk. This one is just tea. It's good enough to reorder, which is more than I can say for the others.

Unique, Buttery, delightful
The Coastal Emperor – GA – April 18, 2018

From the start of the brew until the last sip I found this one of the more interesting teas I’ve tasted. I drink many varieties of Oolong and have been partial to Formosa styles. I wanted to try other varieties so I ordered the sample Oolong pack of tins. This tea from Fujian has a flavor of cream, tropical fruit, and a thick yet clean mouthfeel.

Smells like pineapple, tastes like soda pop!
Dr. Siota Belle – CA – April 10, 2018

I gave this tea a try because was a staff favorite described as "fragrant and buttery." Yes it is fragrant-for me it is a very STRONG fragrance of pineapple tea diluted with sweetened condensed milk. I tried 2 pots and can't drink any more. First time ever an Upton's tea is a "no go" for me.

Delicious from first brew to last drop
H Lynnea – IL – March 23, 2018

The description of this tea is spot-on - there is a wonderfully delicate butter note to the tea prior to brewing, which blooms into a lightly sweet and floral flavor. Definitely one of my favorite oolongs.

Great tasting tea!
George – FL – March 07, 2018

Really like this Tea, it's smooth and taste like a cup of milk. I got the sample. Looks like I'll have to pick up some more.

Smooth and weighted
Elisabeth – MA – November 27, 2017

This tea has a unique and silky mouth feel and delicious full flavors. If you like Formosa Spring Dragon, this is similar but it has notes of honey. Different from toasty oolongs, more green and floral. Not at all cloying. Good for three pours. Absolutely wonderful as afternoon tea. A current favorite.

Abundant flavors
Mary – WA – November 01, 2017

Description of flavors is perfect. Delicious .

Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Todd – CA – October 18, 2017

This tea has fragrant pineapple notes and a silky taste and texture. I enjoyed it hot as well as over ice. I steeped it almost 3 times. The leaves are incredible to explore after unfurling.

A very unique tea
Steve – CA – October 15, 2017

Until recently, I've not been a big fan of Oolongs. For my taste, most are too "fragrant" for me. I think Jasmin makes a fine air freshener, not a good oolong. This oolong is not floral, rather it's very sweet and smooth. Upton's description is spot on. I strongly recommend you at least try a sample - it's a very unique tea.

Milk Oolong Review