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Dooars Tea

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Located in the Dooars region on the southern edge of Darjeeling district, the Nuxalbari Estate is a tea garden dedicated to the safety of Asian elephants and their environments. A traditional tea garden practice is to erect walls that disrupt the elephants' natural migration route. Nuxalbari Estate has created a thruway for them to pass through safely and not damage any tea plants. In 2011, Sonia Jabbar inherited the tea garden from her beloved mother, Dolly. She speaks passionately about her work to protect the elephants. “We have since grown our elephant conservation program to do much more than just passively allow elephants to wander through the estate. We are now working to secure safe passage not only at our estate, but have been invited by local government and the Forest Department to work with villages in our neighbourhood to actively reduce Human-Elephant Conflict. Our Hathi Sathi program has been widely recognised the world over as a successful model in conservation."
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