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Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey

Specially blended for those who prefer a richly scented Earl Grey. Our most popular Earl Grey. Rated "best overall" by the Wall Street Journal's Catalog Critic.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 4 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)
Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey Reviews
Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (based on 13 reviews)

Bergamot junkies rejoice!
Bhappy – GA – October 03, 2019

2019's "***EXTRA*** BERGAMOT (tea?)"... The tea's title does not lie. Its flavor feels like your taste buds are being melted away by the EXTRA bergamot. Bergamot is its defining and exclusive flavor. Gave it an extra star because it was a free sample and I still managed to drink it. Do not miss this one if you are a fan of intense bergamot flavor!

Nice amount of flavor
BB – MA – September 18, 2019

I'm on a quest for a Melange Russe (my standard tea for decades...) replacement, and I think this will be it.

Exactly what I needed.
Kristen – CA – June 12, 2019

This tea has been my companion on busy days. It has prevented me from developing a coffee dependency and works well to keep me awake in its absence! This tea has a beautiful taste that is delightful with or without a dash of milk!

Laura – IL – February 28, 2019

This stuff is amazing. I have gone through a full 125g bag in 2 weeks and have already ordered more. I was always looking for the perfect earl grey and this is it!

Most devisive of the Earl Grey's
Katherine – NY – February 20, 2019

In the great Earl Grey taste test, they were all agreed to be similar and delightful - with one exception. This is very floral, making it the best or worst, depending on both whether you like that, and whether you want that overpowering your citrus. Also, there's a (disputed) artificial note detectable by only a few.

Amazing Fragrance & Robust Taste
Hala – VA – October 26, 2018

I loved this tea! It is so fulfilling & pleasing to the senses. The intense fragrant does not distract from or overpower the strong, full-bodied taste. Personally, I like this rich, powerful, long-lasting tea taste. Some people might find this robust richness a bit bitter, in which case, adding milk would make this a truly invigorating cup of tea.

Great Blend
Alan – CA – August 04, 2018

I drink ice tea daily year round and this has been my go to blend for several years now. Needs no sweetener and can be brewed to any strength you want.

My favorite!
Satyavati – OR – July 07, 2018

This full-bodied tea is my absolute favorite! I have been drinking Extra Bergamot for years. It brews quickly and can handle milk or cream really well. It will get bitter if steeped too long but that's easy to avoid. There is something extremely soothing about the aroma of Bergamot so I love this fragrant tea!

Way Too Much
Andrew – MS – June 16, 2018

We Did not care for this one at all because the Artificial flavoring taste a bit Off(taste of chemical smell of alcohol) and there is just Way too much of it in there. Extra Bergamot we Were looking for BUT this one is just too much for us. Earl Grey Supreme is Delicious tho, a lot better than this one in our opinion.

Best ever!
Robin – TX – June 15, 2018

I love Early Grey. I first tried it with extra bergamot at my daughter-in-law's and knew I had to get some. Nowadays, plain Earl Grey is nice, but just doesn't come up to standards. Also, most teas you buy are in tea bags sealed with plastic. Getting it loose leaf like this is perfect for me. Yum!

Maureen – AK – March 30, 2018

I love this tea for it's really strong flavor. It is one-of-a-kind, I haven't found any others that compare, even those that say 'extra bergamot'. The flavor almost reminds me a bit of lavender, it's just really unique and perfect for those who like a strong and flavorful tea.

Too much IS tooo much
RJ – FL – March 05, 2018

Disappointing, heavy, overpowering to the point of being nearly unrecognizable as Earl Grey. Perhaps may work with milk but not for me. Imported from Germany.

Excellent Extra Bergamot Earl Grey
Sally – KY – October 03, 2017

I have always like Earl Grey tea, but this particular one is the best one yet in my opinion. Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey has the richest flavor of all Earl Grey teas I have tasted. It is no wonder that it has been rated "best overall." I enjoy other black teas as well, but always choose this one when available.

Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey Review