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After the first flush season ends around mid-April, the tea plants go through a short dormancy until the next growth period - the second flush. Second flush season usually begins in late May and continues through the month of June.

The liquor ranges in color from golden to dark amber, a full-bodied cup that is prized for its “muscatel” character, a ripe fruit quality. Fragrant and rich, notes of honey along with nutty/toasty hints are often found in the flavor.

We source the finest second flush Darjeeling teas the season has to offer, direct from the estates, to provide you with the ultimate tea experience.

USDA Organic 
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Rich and full-bodied, this organic second flush offering has a pronounced honey sweetness that enhances its complex flavor profile. Nutty/toasty hints complement notes of muscatel and stone fruit in the dark copper cup, leading to a silky smooth finish. This tea is a great choice for those who enjoy a splash of milk in their Darjeeling tea.

TD75 |

Darjeeling loose leaf black tea
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Rich muscatel notes, accentuated by a dark honey sweetness, impart a classic second flush flavor to the ruby-amber liquor of this Darjeeling selection. Toasty nuances join a suggestion of cocoa, adding a warm complexity to the smooth, full-bodied cup. The finish lingers with a light cleansing pungency.

TD93 |
USDA Organic 
Darjeeling organic loose leaf black tea
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A gentle sprinkling of golden tips accents this 2017 organic Darjeeling selection from the second flush season. The rich, toasty aroma is complemented by nuances of cocoa. The dark amber cup is smooth and satisfying with hints of toast and spice.

TDA4 |
USDA Organic 
loose leaf black tea
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This tea is currently unavailable. For an excellent alternative, please try our popular Risheehat Second Flush Darjeeling Organic offering. Risheehat Second Flush Darjeeling Organic.
This flavorful blend of organic second flush Darjeeling yields a dark, robust cup with rich muscatel notes. Hints of fruit complement a warm toasty aroma. In the dark amber cup, notes of stone fruit and a honey sweetness linger into the finish. A great value.

TDB3 |