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Second Flush Darjeeling Tea

Nestled in the Himalayan Mountains of West Bengal, India, the Darjeeling region is well known for its lush, rolling hills and breathtaking views. There are several flushes each growing season in Darjeeling, the most well-known being first flush and second flush. A “flush” is a period of time when the tea plants grow new leaves that are then harvested by hand or machine.

After the first flush season ends around mid-April, the tea plants go through a short dormancy until the next growth period - the second flush. Second flush season usually begins in late May and continues through the month of June.

The liquor ranges in color from golden to dark amber, a full-bodied cup that is prized for its “muscatel” character, a ripe fruit quality. Fragrant and rich, notes of honey along with nutty/toasty hints are often found in the flavor.

We source the finest second flush Darjeeling teas the season has to offer, direct from the estates, to provide you with the ultimate tea experience.

USDA Organic Loose Leaf Second Flush Darjeeling Tea
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This 2020 organic broken-leaf offering is a great choice for those seeking a Darjeeling that will accommodate a dollop of milk. The complex aroma is fragrant with layers of citrus, toasty spice and Burgundy. The dark amber cup is smooth and rich, revealing notes of toast and oak, supported by a brown sugar sweetness. A suggestion of tropical fruit lends a lively flair to the lingering finish.

TD165 |
loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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An aroma hinting of muscatel and oak introduces the smooth, ruby-amber liquor of this 2019 second flush Darjeeling. A syrupy mouth feel wraps around notes of stone fruit, leading to a bright, crisp finish. Add a splash of milk to enhance the rich quality of the cup.

TD123 |
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Arya Estate Darjeeling Second Flush Tea
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This broken-leaf 2020 second flush Darjeeling tea selection from Arya Estate is notable for pronounced honey notes in both the inviting toasty aroma and silky smooth cup. The dark amber liquor offers a lively quality that balances well with the sweetness and lingers into the finish.

TD160 |
USDA Organic loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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Delicate golden tips adorn the dark-brown, broken leaves of this 2020 second flush selection. A pronounced sweet fragrance heralds a rich toasty cup, strong enough for a splash of milk, if desired. A whisper of tropical fruit sweetness lingers in the crisp finish.

TD156 |
USDA Organic loose leaf Darjeeling black tea
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The neat, golden-tipped leaves of this 2020 second flush offering yield a very aromatic cup with a pronounced toasty/woody fragrance, complemented by a fruity sweetness. The dark amber liquor is silky smooth and full-bodied. Ripe muscatel notes, a rich honey sweetness and chestnut/toasty hints create a vibrant flavor tapestry. The finish is bright and lingering.

TD162 |
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