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Colombian Oolong Tea

Grown in a sustainable environment on a pristine tea plantation, Colombian Oolong teas have a pronounced sweet flavor with hints of mineral and fruit. The sunny estate location provides the tea plants with maximum sunshine exposure, which promotes photosynthesis and higher levels of antioxidants.

USDA Organic loose leaf Colombian Oolong tea
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The large, neatly twisted leaves of this organic Oolong offering from Colombia produce a medium amber liquor with a fresh aroma reminiscent of a clean ocean breeze. The full-bodied cup is velvety smooth and bursting with a rich ambrosial flavor that fills your mouth with pronounced notes of honey and dried stone fruit. The finish is long and lingering.

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loose leaf tea gift set
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The Perfect Holiday Gift! Experience the unique terroir of Colombia in a cup of tea with our exciting new gift set, “Passport to Explore: Teas of Colombia! This set offers four premium teas to sample: TSA8: Colombian Bold Breakfast Organic Black Tea, TSA9: Colombian Oolong Organic, TSA10: Colombian Pan-Fired Green Tea Organic, and TSA5: Cacao Kisses Colombian Black Tea. Beautifully packaged in our gold-embossed “passport” folder, this special gift set is sure to please tea novices and tea connoisseurs alike. Each sample size packet will yield approximately 4-5 six-ounce cups of tea.

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