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Season's Pick Colombian Leafy Black Tea Organic

The very bold, twisted leaves of this black tea offering from Colombia yield a dark amber copper liquor with an inviting toasty aroma. The rich, full-bodied cup is very smooth with a cocoa mouth feel. A hint of caramelized sugar and whisper of spice linger in the finish.
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Steeping Suggestions
Leaf Quantity: 2.25 g/6oz cup
Steep Time: 4-5 min.
Water Temperature: 212 degrees (boiling)

Season's Pick Colombian Leafy Black Tea Organic Reviews

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 (based on 13 reviews)

Great aroma, greater taste
eleanor – MS – September 02, 2018

This Colombian tea was a great surprise. My tea-loving preferences, even after more than 75 years, still are not complicated but this is one to add to my list of favorites. It is smooth. It is deep. It is appealing. What else have I been missing all these years?

smooth and not bitter
Karen – MD – June 15, 2018

I love this tea! It has a smooth, strong flavor that is not bitter and has undertones of chocolate

Vickie – OH – May 29, 2018

I received an unexpected free sample of this with my last order, and I must give it a wholehearted 5! I was not expecting it to be as good as several of the most highly rated 2nd flush flavorful teas I have had the pleasure to know. However, my love of rich, malty, smooth, good to the last drop teas just made room for a new comer. Thanks Upton!

Fresh, with great tea essential oils
Robin – IL – April 22, 2018

Finally, what I call a "fresh" tea. It doesn't seem dry and dusty like it's been in the attic for a decade. It's full of what to me are the "essential oils" of the tea leaf. What a delight. And it's not too expensive if you make your own custom blend, which I do with my selection of Assams. Yeah!

Surprisingly Good
Jerry – LA – April 11, 2018

I wasn't sure what to expect from this new offering, but I find it remarkably agreeable. It has an enticing floral aroma which reminds me of oolongs such as tungting. Well done Upton!

Truly Lovely Tea
Theodore – WA – April 02, 2018

I normally prefer Assams, but this tea is absolutely wonderful. I had no idea what to expect from a Colombian tea, turns out that the flavor isn't particularly exotic or distinctive - it's just a really lovely cup of tea. Extraordinarily flavorful with a rich sweetness. Pricey, but I would highly recommend giving it a try - I'm a total convert.

New Tea Choice
jonathan – MA – April 01, 2018

This has become one of our new favorites for the morning. The story was interesting so we got some to try. Just placed our second order. A beautiful leaf. I would describe it as a combination of the maltiness of a Assam and the chocolate overtones of a Keemun but lighter than both. Very pleasant to drink.

Impressive and different!
Rain – KY – March 15, 2018

Wow, what a fine surprise! Imagine an excellent, crisp, bright but smooth Ceylon with substance and color, and then layer a subtle bit of dark cocoa over it and top w/a VERY pleasant and unusual roasted-just-this-side-of-burnt sugarcane note. A bit too pricey for me, but I may have to save up! Best hot but good iced. I used no milk or sugar.

An Amazing Find
Martin – CO – March 09, 2018

A hearty thanx for exploring the world for new teas! An amazingly rich and full tea. For a tea this strong, it is surprisingly smooth. The caramelized sugar is really nice and stronger than just a hint. Needs a lot less sugar than you’d expect. You can definitely brew it up 10%-15% stronger than the Tea Scales standard.

Stephen – CA – March 04, 2018

Bold, smooth and just outright wonderful. I've never had a tea like it. It's my new cup of (morning) tea.

Jeffrey – PA – March 01, 2018

Something truly new from the new world. Wonderful taste, very fresh, floral aroma. The only tea similar to this is something from Ceylon. Don't be afraid to use extra, esp. if you want a stronger cup. Although it can stand a little sugar &/or cream, I truly liked it best plain.

William – AR – February 27, 2018

Upton was kind enough to provide a sample of this wonderful tea with our last order. This unique tea is capable of standing on it's own without trying to favorably compare it to anything else. It has changed the way I think about tea forever, and converted me utterly. Simply marvelous!

Flavorful, but Unremarkable
James – MD – February 24, 2018

I found this tea to be flavorful, but really unremarkable. There are any number of teas with a more distinctive character at a MUCH lower price. Had the price not been so high, I would have rated this three stars, but the price forces me to drop it to two stars.

Season's Pick Colombian Leafy Black Tea Organic Review