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8-oz. Black Plug-top Tin with lid
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An elegant way to store your tea, this 8-oz. tin will hold 200-250 grams of tea, or the equivalent of one of our double (D) packet sizes. Dimensions: 4” square by 3 ¾” tall.

AT20 |
Stainless Steel Cup Infuser
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A convenient way to steep your tea leaves, this fine-mesh infuser is constructed of stainless steel and opens easily by squeezing the handle. Measures 6” long by 1 ½” wide. Dishwasher safe.

AI01 |
Brushed Steel Tin (150g)
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This brushed steel tin weighs approximately 110 grams and has a capacity of approximately 150 grams, but may hold more or less depending on the leaf size of the tea. The tin measures 4 1/4" tall and the lid measures 3/4" tall. The diameter is 3". Made in China.

AT40 |
Lemon Grass loose leaf herbal tea
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Golden-yellow liquor with brisk lemon flavor and aroma. A caffeine-free beverage.

BH65 |
Broken Orange Black Pekoe Tea Loose
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Located in southern India, Nilgiri produces teas similar to those of Ceylon, yet with a distinctive character. This British-style Nilgiri black tea produces a flavorful cup that is excellent with milk.

TN10 |
USDA Organic Organic Chamomile
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This new lot of Egyptian chamomile is organically grown. Whole dried flowers, with a high concentration of flavor oils, yield a rich, deep-yellow cup, buttery smooth and floral sweet. A caffeine-free beverage.

BH51 |
Finum Filter Bag with Stick
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Another convenient way to brew loose tea in individual portions. Each box contains 100 filters and 1 stick. Oxygen-bleached and taste-free. Made in Germany.

AI45 |
Green Yerba Mate loose leaf herbal tea
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Also known as Paraguay tea or Brazilian tea, this caffeine bearing plant is valued for its stimulating properties. We offer an excellent grade.

BH20 |
Steelite 2-Cup Strainer Basket
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The 2-Cup Steelite strainer baskets are designed specifically for the Steelite hotelware line of Chatsford teapots and the Korean porcelain series. Due to the location of the removal tab, these infusers are not recommended for use with the other Chatsford teapots or in ordinary teapots. Available in 4 colors. BPA free product.

AS52 |
Chatsford 2-Cup Strainer Basket
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These strainer baskets are replacements for those sold with the 2-cup Chatsford teapots. Because of the unique design, they are not suitable for use in ordinary teapots. BPA free product.

AS12 |
An Anthology of Tea Stories Book
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To celebrate our 30th Anniversary in 2019, we invited our Valued Customers to submit their tea stories to us. We were astounded by the quality and number of articles that we received. Some stories made us laugh and some stories made us cry. The more we read, the more we found that the common thread connecting these amazing stories was how tea is such a special and integral part of our Valued Customers’ lives. We knew that these stories would resonate with all of you. Our sincere hope is that you will enjoy reading them, a cup of Upton tea in hand, for many years to come.

Cup/Mug Filter Bags
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Finum brand 100 Tea Filters "Extra Slim" (UPC: 004060 420576). These filter bags are ideal for infusing 1-2 cups of tea. (For use with AI33). Measures 3 1/2" long by 2 1/2" wide. 1 1/2" flap folds over opening. Made from biodegradable oxygen-bleached paper.

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