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Yellow Tea

Hunan Tea Yellow Imperial
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A rare tea of Hunan province, this yellow tea has been masterfully handcrafted into elegantly long, twisted leaves decorated by an abundance of downy golden tips. The intoxicating aroma is ripe with the fragrance of fresh fruit and nectar, enhanced by a sugary sweetness. Notes of melon, peach and sweet apple lend a rich honeyed character to the medium-bodied, amber-gold cup. The finish is bright and uplifting with hints of warming spice. An exceptional offering that has quickly become a staff favorite. Small lot with limited availability.

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Among the rarest teas in China, yellow teas are processed much like green teas but with an additional stage of wrapping the leaves in paper after pan-frying. The leaves are allowed to dry naturally in the wrapping. The cycle of pan-frying and wrapping is repeated until the tea is determined to have reached the desired appearance and aroma. Yellow tea leaves are generally more yellow-green in appearance than green teas. The flavor profile tends to be more fruity than vegetal.
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