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Every tea enthusiast knows that the perfect loose leaf teapot can change your whole tea drinking experience. In our over 25 years of selling premium teas the Upton Tea Imports team has tested dozens of teapots for loose leaf tea. Here we have selected some of the best loose leaf teapots to share with you.

Our fine quality teapots, with infuser baskets, provide a very easy way to prepare loose leaf tea. They are ideal for everyday use. Choose from our fully-vitrified ceramic Chatsford teapots – made exclusively for Upton Tea Imports here in the US – or our colorful and crowd pleasing Ai Cha teapots. Be sure to pair your new Chatsford teapot with a teapot cosy to keep your tea piping hot!

Choose a high quality teapot from this page and you will have an easier time steeping the perfect loose leaf tea, and the tea will stay warm as you enjoy cup after cup. A loose leaf teapot is perfect for keeping you company as you tackle a big work project or for having friends over to celebrate with a
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