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Darjeeling loose leaf black tea
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Distinct notes of tropical fruit delight the palate in this classic 2018 first flush Darjeeling selection. A bouquet of floral notes, accented by hints of honey, perfume the aroma and complement the rich buttery mouth feel found in the amber gold cup. A crisp quality appears briefly in the finish.

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Darjeeling loose leaf black tea
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This 2018 second flush selection has a sweet, inviting fragrance, which introduces notes of stone fruit in the sparkling amber liquor. A velvety smooth mouth feel and pear-like sweetness complement a rich woody note that adds depth to the cup. The finish is clean and smooth.

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Bamboo Tumbler
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This attractive 12-ounce bamboo tumbler is the perfect accessory for keeping your tea hot (or iced) for hours, whether at home or on-the-go. Its double wall construction - bamboo exterior and stainless steel interior - functions just like a high-quality thermos. A stainless steel infuser basket is included. Hand washing is highly recommended.

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electric tea kettle
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Sleek and stylish, this 34-ounce electric kettle rapidly boils water with energy-saving efficiency. A steam sensor automatically shuts off the kettle when the water reaches boiling point. An easy-to-read water level indicator allows for precise filling. The spout has a mesh screen that filters water impurities while pouring. The kettle itself is cordless and, during use, it may be positioned on the corded base in any direction. The contemporary design and color complement any décor. Height - 8 ¾ inches. Diameter – 5 inches. BPA free.

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USDA Organic 
Colombian loose leaf black tea
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With its robust character and full mouth feel, this organic black tea selection from Colombia is a great morning eye opener. Notes of sweet milk chocolate predominate in both the aroma and the dark ruby copper cup. Hints of Burgundy and malt provide a lively complement to the rich flavor. A smooth finish completes an exceptional tea experience. A staff favorite.

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Chai loose leaf black tea
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A wonderful blend of warming spices – ginger, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper - complements the rich flavor of this decaffeinated black tea selection. Great hot or iced.

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decaffeinated flavored loose leaf black tea
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Blended with dried lemon peels and blue cornflower petals, this decaffeinated black tea offering is creamy smooth and rich with notes of sweet lemon cake. Enjoy this delicious treat hot or iced.

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USDA Organic 
Indian loose leaf green tea
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From the northeastern Indian state of Tripura, this 2018 organic green tea selection produces a pale golden cup with a fresh herbaceous aroma. Stone fruit hints pair nicely with a pleasant pungency that lingers into the finish. A great choice for those who prefer a green tea with less vegetal flavor. Add some Raw Wildflower Honey to enhance the fruity notes.

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Darjeeling loose leaf black tea
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This very approachable 2018 second flush Darjeeling tea offers a smooth, rich cup with a complex aroma and flavor. Bold, dark brown leaves produce a sparkling, dark amber liquor. Notes of muscatel and honey, accented by hints of almond and cocoa, are enveloped by a warm toastiness, which lingers long into the crisp finish.

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loose leaf black tea
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The juxtaposition of dark leaves and a profusion of silky, golden tips gives this 2018 Assam selection a striking appearance. The dark copper liquor has a pronounced malty aroma, hinting of the thick, robust cup. The complex flavor is rich with layers of malt, spice and wine. A honey sweetness leads to a brisk finish, which lingers with hints of cocoa. This outstanding tea has quickly become a staff favorite.

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loose leaf Assam black tea
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Fragrant with hints of malt and cocoa, the dark ruby-copper liquor of this 2018 Assam tea offers an invigorating cup. A rich caramel sweetness accentuates hints of Burgundy and cocoa that weave through the thick, velvety smooth mouth feel. The finish is crisp and lingering. While this tea may be enjoyed plain, a dollop of milk will enhance its rich flavor.

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