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Situated high in the Himalayas, Nepal has a climate similar to that of the Darjeeling region of India. As such, Nepal teas are often compared to the pricier Darjeeling teas. Nepal black teas are rich and inviting, with flavor profiles similar to Darjeeling teas. They have a fragrant, flowery first flush and rich, muscatel second flush.

Our selection of Nepal teas hails from the verdant rolling hills of the eastern Ilam district, a region that has mastered the art of tea cultivation. Our unique Himalayan Shangri-la blend features both Nepal black tea and Nepal green tea for a uniquely balanced blend with notes of melon, pear, and honey. If you prefer a second flush Darjeeling we recommend trying the Mist Valley Estate Second Flush Nepal, which has an herbaceous nuance that is truly delicious and unique.

Each cup of our Nepal teas is not just a beverage; it's an exploration of the unique terrain and skilled craftsmanship of the Nepalese tea gardens. To continue exploring the globe through regions of tea, shop for other black tea varieties we also offer.

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