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Formosa Tea

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Formosa – known today as Taiwan – produces roughly 20% of the world's Oolong tea. Misty and mountainous, the island nation of Taiwan has an ideal climate for growing and producing Oolong, black, and green teas. Highly regarded around the globe for its premium quality and complex range of flavors, the unique Formosa Oolong tea taste is highly prized.

Tea enthusiasts and novices alike will enjoy sampling the unique Formosa Oolong loose leaf tea that Upton Tea Imports has carefully chosen from the top tea producers in Taiwan. A particular favorite amongst our Valued Customers is our Formosa Oolong Choicest. Notes of dark grape and hints of peach make this a tea you will love, either solo or to share with friends. Looking for a lighter tasting Formosa Oolong tea? Our Formosa Jade Oolong teas are lightly oxidized to retain a greener character that is aromatic with sweet floral notes.
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