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Formosa Keemun Black Tea

This style of Formosa tea combines the subtle complexities of an authentic Chinese Keemun with the mild fruitiness of a Formosa oolong to create an infusion that is truly satisfying. A Formosa Keemun offers an interesting variation from the traditional Chinese tea named after the town of Quimun in the An-hui province.

USDA Organic Assam GFOP organic loose leaf tea
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This Assam selection produces a dark cup with a full flavor profile. Notes of cocoa and a delicate caramel hint complement a sweet and toasty aroma for an enjoyable cup.

This tea is the perfect choice to enjoy with a spoonful of our Tupelo Honey.

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The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 39 Reviews
Taiwan loose leaf black tea
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Formosa Keemun has a unique style that has attracted a dedicated following. This selection has the characteristic Oolong notes and gentle smokiness of this tea. It also has the lighter-colored leaf and infusion of our original Formosa Keemun from several years ago. Recommended for those seeking a divergence from traditional China Keemun.

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