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Darjeeling Tea

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Often referred to as the ""champagne of teas,"" Darjeeling tea is prized for its vibrant aromatics and flavorful cup. For an exceptional tea experience, single-estate Darjeeling tea is truly something that every tea aficionado must try. The liquor of loose leaf Darjeeling tea ranges in color from golden yellow to rich amber, depending on its season of harvest. The flavor can be light and floral with tropical fruit sweetness for a first flush offering, or darker and toasty/fruity with notes of muscatel for a second flush selection.

No matter your taste preferences, there is truly a Darjeeling black tea that will appeal to every palate. Upton Tea Imports is proud to offer the finest quality loose leaf Darjeeling tea online in our curated collection. Organic single-estate teas and specialty tea blends are available.
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