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Chinese Oolong tea is well known for being highly aromatic and flavorful, with a wide range of flavor profiles from floral to fruity to toasty, depending on the tea’s oxidation level. We import all of our Oolong Chinese loose leaf teas from the finest tea farms in Guandong, Fujian, An Hui, and Hunan provinces of China. The large leaves we import are excellent for the traditional Gong Fu method of tea-brewing. The Gong Fu method is a Chinese tea steeping method that involves steeping tea leaves in a small teapot or lidded bowl multiple times to extract the full flavor of the tea. If you want to experience multilayered flavors, the Gong Fu steeping method can reveal, consider trying this method with one of our Tie-Guan-Yin Chinese Oolong tea varieties. The name of this tea translates to “Iron Goddess of Mercy,” and it is one of the finest styles of Oolong Chinese tea available. All of our loose leaf Oolong Chinese teas have deep, rich flavors that will delight you every time you settle in for a cup. For mor
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